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Organizing Your Agency for Social – A Whitepaper from the 4A’s

July 9, 2018

Orli LeWinter, 360i’s SVP of Strategy & Social Marketing, co-chairs the 4A’s Social Media Committee and recently contributed to their Whitepaper on Organizing Your Agency for Social. The publication contains in-depth information on how to structure social within your agency as well as predictions on the future of social.

Social marketing has become a necessary part of the marketing mix for many brands and while most agencies have been through multiple versions of social media marketing, it is an ever-evolving landscape and important to stay in the know. The 4A’s Whitepaper offers a few different approaches agencies can use in order to create a successful social marketing team and ways to scale these areas of your agency properly.

Read the 4A’s Whitepaper, Organizing Your Agency for Social here.