Our 25 Most-Read Digital Marketing Stories of 2013

December 23, 2013

Our agency blog is the place where our employees share their insights and expertise with our extended team, clients and the industry at large. More than 70 employees contribute to the 360i blog, weighing in on topics including search, social, startups and everything in between.

Here’s a recap of our top 25 posts of 2013:

1. 5 Best Practices for Brands on Pinterest: 2013 was a huge year for Pinterest, which saw surges in users and built out more tools for brands (e.g. analytics, Rich Pins and an ad product). In this post, we share our tried-and-true tips for marketers using the platform.

2. 5 Best Practices for Brands Using Vine: Vine launched early last year and quickly rose to popularity following SXSW Interactive. Brands were quick to capitalize on the new platform – including many of 360i’s own clients such as Oreo, Downy and SUBWAY.

3. REPORT: The 7 Habits of Highly Digital Brands: In January, we launched a blog series outlining common traits among successful brands of the Digital Age. Read the aggregate report to learn about all seven habits.

4. Debunking 5 Myths of Programmatic Buying: As programmatic buying grows in importance, so does its running list of misconceptions. In this post, our head of programmatic debunks the top five myths of the year.

5. 5 Startups That Are Empowering Content Curation: During Internet Week, we hosted an event that brought together leading content curation startups like RebelMouse, Guide and Mass Relevance. Learn about these and other startups in our Startup Outlook report.

6. Secrets from One of the World’s Top Vine Influencers, Meagan Cignoli: Meagan Cignoli is one of the top stop-motion artists and most popular users on Vine. We talked to her about how she got into short-form content and what it’s like to work with some of the most-loved brands in the world.

7. Report: What Google’s Enhanced Campaigns Mean for Marketers: In February, Google announced a significant update its advertising model designed to usher all advertisers into the mobile era. Our full report outlines the key implications for marketers.

8. 360i Study Examines Twitter Usage Across the U.S. & U.K.: A comprehensive look at Twitter user behavior patterns across the U.S. and U.K.

9. Beyond the Screen: How TV Shows are Extending the Story to Digital: An analysis of how popular TV shows are using social media to engage viewers before, during and after tune-in time. (Another example of this: our client HBO’s recent social media roast for King Joffrey).

10. It’s Officially Unofficial: Google’s Panda Algorithm Update: In March, rumors began to swirl that Google was preparing to unleash a major algorithm update. On the blog, we outlined the key short and long term implications for brands.

11. YouTube’s New Design: What Marketers Need to Know: In 2013, YouTube announced a new design that aims to promote increased regular visits to YouTube from any connected device.

12. 8 Things We’ve Learned from Engaging with 200MM People in Social: We asked some of our community and content managers to share their most important findings from engaging with 200 million people in social media every day.

13. 4 Best Practices for BuzzFeed Sponsored Posts: Native advertising opportunities expanded in 2013 and will continue on this path in the coming year. In this article, we share some best practices for marketers partnering with BuzzFeed to create sponsored posts.

14. The Rise of the GIF: 5 Ways Brands Can Use Short-Form Video: Five best practices for marketers when it comes to creating and sharing GIF content in social.

15. 5 Startups that Stole the Show at SXSW 2013: 360i’s recap of the top five startups that made headlines in Austin last year: Hater, Mass Relevance, Posse, Sidecar and Vine.

16. Twitter Announces Keyword Targeting in Timelines: 2013 was a banner year for Twitter, which went public following an IPO this fall. In April, the platform announced keyword targeting to allow marketers to serve more relevant ads to users.

17. What We Learned Listening to 100 Moms on Twitter for a Year: Our Insights team followed the public updates of 100 moms throughout the year to better understand what makes Mom tick – so brands can better understand how to reach her on Twitter.

18. 4 Reasons Marketers Should Pay Attention to Facebook Graph Search: Facebook got into the search game in early 2013 with the announcement of Graph Search.

19. What the Colliding Worlds of Search & Display Mean for Marketers: This post explores the blurred lines between search and display – how elements of display are finding their way into search and vice-versa – and what the changing landscape means for advertisers.

20. Hashtags Arrive at Facebook, Unlocking a New Arena for Public Chatter: In 2013, Facebook announced a new hashtag feature that makes it easier for its users to carry on public conversations – beyond their circle of ‘friends’ – within the platform.

21. Vine vs. Instagram: Which Platform Should Marketers Bank On?: Short-form video was one of the top trends of 2013, with Vine and Instagram emerging as two of the biggest players in the space. In this post, we compare Vine and Instagram to help marketers determine when each platform should be employed.

22. Twitter Shares 4 Best Practices for Brands: Following an office visit from the Twitter team, we recapped some best practice for brands – directly from the horse’s mouth.

23. A Marketer’s Guide to the 2013 Digital Content NewFronts: This post summarizes our collective learnings from the 2013 NewFronts, diving into the key themes that emerged and outlining what they mean for advertisers.

24. 3 Simple Steps to a Better Social Content Strategy: As the creation and sharing of content proliferates in social channels, it’s becoming more important for marketers to publish quality, relevant content that reaches the right audience. In this post, we share three steps for marketers looking to craft a smart social content strategy.

25. Pinterest Introduces ‘Rich Pins’ to Give Content More Context: This year, Pinterest announced a major platform update that gives pins more context (such as price, availability and reviews) and grants consumers more information to make purchase decisions directly within the platform.

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