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Reimagine (Almost) Everything: Building the Right Offense

February 25, 2016

In 2016, our industry continues to rapidly shift from TV-led to digitally led marketing, making it more important than ever for marketers to reimagine their approaches to marketing and take steps to move the industry forward.

To kick off the New Year, we’re sharing a page from our Marketing Leadership Playbook week by week, to help set marketers up for success in this digitally led era. This post marks the seventh of our Marketing Leadership Playbook blog content series “Reimagine (Almost) Everything.”


In post VII of our series, 360i SVP of Influencer Marketing Rebecca McCuiston homes in on how the climate for brand reputation has evolved – today, a crisis could easily escalate and spread like wild fire, and in just moments, or even seconds, a brand’s reputation could be put on the line. “Technology has made reputation management a 24/7 job for brands, and the explosion of smartphones means every brand action good or bad, has the opportunity to be recorded and disseminated,” Rebecca explains. In this post, Rebecca shares tips for brands in building the right offense in the event that a crisis erupts.

Marketer Takeaways:

  1. Build a Brand Reputation Team and Plan. Be armed for when and if a crisis strikes – “When marketers have minutes, not hours, to react and respond, they need to know who the key decision makers are and who is accountable,” shares Rebecca. To avoid a panic and react efficiently, ensure the designated respondents are empowered to make critical decisions and have access to resources such as legal and PR to help inform those decisions.
  1. Understand Varied Threat Levels. Quickly distinguishing between a high threat, medium threat, low threat, or a simple mistake is important for brands when evaluating a response to a crisis or a potential crisis. As Rebecca puts it, “Not every threat is created equal.”
  1. Develop Relationships with Advocates. In times of crisis, advocates can use their voice to rebuild or even gain trust amongst consumers. “Advocates can become authentic supporters and benefit your brand, in good times and bad,” mentions Rebecca – reiterating the importance of having relationships with brand advocates.
  2. Remember Paid and Owned Channels. Crises don’t discriminate – they can have implications across paid, owned and earned channels. “In times of crisis, consider shifting key words to address what consumers search, understand, where ads are served to avoid retargeting the wrong audiences,”says Rebecca.
  1. Be Transparent. When the need arises, be authentic and take accountability. Rebecca exclaims, “The quicker organizations acknowledge and take action, the faster the crisis will run its course, and perhaps even generate good will.”

To download the full Playbook click here. To read more on how to build the right offense, scroll to page 13.

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