Sprite and 360i Awarded for Best Social Engagement Campaign at the 2009 DPAC Awards

December 14, 2009

We’re excited to announce that Sprite, a brand of The Coca-Cola Company, and 360i received top honors at the Digital Publishing and Advertising (DPAC) Awards last week for Best Social Engagement Campaign. On behalf of 360i and Sprite, we are truly honored for the distinction and proud to be finalists alongside the Appssavvy/Huggies Circle of Moms and Ignited/Bruno teams.

The Social Engagement DPAC Award honors the best social media marketing campaign with a purpose to engage a consumer or user to build a relationship with the brand, product or service.

Campaign Overview

Sprite and 360i set out to engage moms in native online environments in a meaningful and genuine way while promoting the My Coke Rewards affinity program and, more specifically, My Coke Rewards for Schools. My Coke Rewards for Schools allows parents and friends to support K-12 students by donating My Coke Rewards points earned through purchasing products from The Coca-Cola Company. Donated points can provide local schools with crucial materials such as books, athletic equipment, classroom supplies and more.

The challenge? With so many brands competing for mommy mindshare during back-to-school time in the social media space, Sprite wanted to stand out from the pack and spark positive buzz online about its back-to-school initiatives.


Inform Campaign Strategy with Customer Insights

Sprite and 360i leveraged online buzz around back-to-school to learn which types of outreach and content would be most valuable and relevant to moms. We found that since moms are often social media early adopters who contribute frequently to social sites, newer platforms like Twitter and on-the-cusp social networks had potential to drive powerful engagement for the campaign. Moreover, research showed that this demographic is more likely to join a preexisting community than to create a new one. For that reason, Sprite partnered with the already-flourishing TwitterMoms community for a multi-faceted campaign spanning Twitter, the blogosphere and a variety of social networks.

Provide Value, Customize Outreach
The campaign inspired several mom bloggers and TwitterMoms members to write blog posts about back-to-school and embed the custom-developed Sprite Back-to-School widget, which aggregated user-generated tips and tricks. The call to action was then opened to the entire TwitterMoms community, who were encouraged to write their own blog posts and embed the Sprite widget to earn My Coke Rewards points that they could then donate to their local school.

TwitterMoms also launched a five-day long “tweet-a-thon” and a two-hour long “Twitter Party” during which time moms could tweet their back-to-school tips using the specially created hashtag #spritebts. They could also tweet to vote for their school to win points through the My Coke Rewards for Schools program.


In the end, between the dozens of blog posts, hundreds of widget embeds, and thousands of tweets, Sprite had far exceeded average benchmarks established from similar TwitterMoms campaigns and made a huge impact among moms during the cluttered back-to-school time.

Total campaign reach: 3.7X outperformance of benchmark
Tweets using #spritebts hashtag: 1.5X outperformance of benchmark