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Vote for Startups, Safaris & 360i in the SXSW PanelPicker

August 14, 2012

SXSW Interactive is one of the most celebrated new media conferences of the year, with more than 3,200 sessions currently competing for a spot at the March 2013 show. The SXSW PanelPicker plays a significant role in determining the programming for this highly competitive event – and it’s now open for public voting.

Our sessions include Ingenuity: Startups Must Stand Out or Head Home, led by David Berkowitz, VP of Emerging Media, and On the Hunt? Navigating the Idea Safari, led by our VP of Insights & Planning, Lee Maicon. Check out the sessions below and vote to see them at SXSW next year!

Ingenuity: Startups Must Stand Out or Head Home

Scale. Service. Management Team. While all important factors to determine the success of a startup, they are not as critical to the long-term development as say that of value, applicability, prominence and, last but not least, ingenuity.

To cut through the clutter and gain a competitive advantage over what is increasingly becoming a saturated market, startups must adopt ingenuity to solve challenges that come their way. Without this flexibility and creativity to identify and implement unique solutions to everyday obstacles, startups won’t be able to differentiate themselves among the pack.

This session will briefly discuss what it takes for a startup to be successful – and deep dive into how ingenuity is critical to the sustainable growth of a newly found business. Best practices and actionable steps to learning how to implement ingenuity will be shared along with examples of companies that have adopted it successfully to solve real problems.

5 questions this session will answer–

  • What makes for a successful startup?
  • What does ingenuity really mean when applied to a startup and/or an emerging technology?
  • What can a startup do to ensure it embraces creativity and ingenuity to solve problems and overcome challenges?
  • What are some examples of startups where ingenuity is embedded at their core?
  • When is ingenuity not as important? When can startups get away without it? When is it overplayed and/or overhyped?

Here’s David to tell you more.

On the Hunt? Navigating the Idea Safari

Picture this: Your client or your boss asks you for a Big Idea – one that will forever alter the course of your company or client’s brand and generate tangible business value as a result. However, although clients and agencies often seek a Big Idea, they don’t always have a clear or shared sense of what they’re “hunting.” Enter: The Idea Safari.

This session will provide a universally applicable model to bridge the gap between what clients and others need and what agencies and others deliver for generating creative ideas that actually can thrive. To succeed in today’s fluid creative economy, the quest for ideas requires a focus on the right vision, language and tools to solve the right problem at the right time. While sharing best practices and prime examples of successful implementations, the Idea Safari will help define your prey: chameleons (tactics), gorillas (platforms/series of tactics), lions (campaign ideas) or elephants (transformative business ideas).

5 questions this session will answer–

  • What are the marks of a successful Big Idea?
  • How will we know if we’re all focused on the same business challenges?
  • How can we be certain that those amazing and inspiring creative ideas are right for me or my business?
  • How can I determine if what I’m hunting for is the right type of idea for my client – be it tactic, program, campaign idea or transformative business idea?
  • Enough theory! Can I see creative work or ideas that are the result of the successful navigation of the adventure that is the Idea Safari?

Here’s Lee to tell you more.

Please note: To vote for sessions, you’ll need to create a SXSW account if you don’t have one already.