SXSW PanelPicker: Cast Your Vote to Help 360i Take the Stage

August 17, 2016

It’s August, but SXSW is already upon us! The 2017 SXSW PanelPicker is now open for community voting and anyone can weigh in on which sessions they want to see hit the stage in Austin, this March.

This year, we’re excited to have three panels in the running that we think you’ll love. Our panel topics truly run the gamut, ranging from internet food sensations, to simplifying complex tech offerings, to the powerful impact of all-female communities. As may be recalled from years past, PanelPicker plays a significant role in determining SXSW programming. Community voting accounts for a full third of the final decision (staff votes and Advisory Board votes also count, at 30% and 40%, respectively). So take a look, vote for something that intrigues you, and help 360i take the stage by voting our sessions in at the links below.

Reverse Engineer an Internet Food Sensation

A few years ago, only your vegan roommate ate kale. Now it’s ubiquitous, with broccoli rabe hot on its heels. When Darren Wong decided to sell his “Raindrop Cake” at a Brooklyn food festival, it was just a casual side project. Within weeks, coverage of the confection had flooded peoples’ newsfeeds. And years after first deciding to explore limited edition flavors, creations from OREO’s Wonder Vault have become a hotly anticipated staple for the “world’s favorite cookie” brand. How does this magic happen? This panel will explore how an abundance of previously untapped consumer behavior data is now driving new food trends, with the people who are shaping the world we all rabidly consume.

Translating Tech: Drop The Jargon; Say It Straight

Startups and technology vendors are competing in incredibly crowded markets today. Yet many of them can’t explain what they do because they’re obsessed with meaningless jargon. This has created an environment of confusion and standoffishness with the decision makers they need to appeal to.

Join Fitz Maro, Senior Innovation Strategist at 360i and AdAge 2016 “Creative You Should Know,” as he discusses the importance of translating complex tech offerings and opportunities into straightforward and approachable terms. From vetting dozens of ad-tech pitches, to explaining complicated tech to CMOs and creative directors, he’s learned how powerful an understandable pitch and positioning can be.

The Taco Truck: The Evolution of Female Community

We are The Taco Truck: a haphazard name given to a group text with nine female contributors. While seemingly obnoxious, it is a conversation thread that has fundamentally changed the way we connect with women. We will discuss how the shenanigans, support and openness of this daily exchange can be applied to how we think about female communities past, present and future. For marketers, it will uncover an authentic female perspective and communication ‘musts’. For individuals, it will foster a sense of optimism around having strong relationships in the age of constant and vapid snaps, texts, tweets and notifications. All are welcome at this panel of diverse, professional, female thinkers.


Please note, to vote for sessions, you’ll need to create a SXSW account if you don’t have one already.