Tales from the Main Stage: Selective Demolition at the 2015 Cannes Lions

July 1, 2015

This past week, 360i took the Cannes Lions main stage with client Nestlé in a session hosted by Nestlé’s Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication Tom Buday and our Chief Strategy Officer Lee Maicon, titled “Tales from the Edge: How to Blow S#!T Up.”

Highlighting Nestlé’s portfolio of great work including 360i’s recently-debuted #WeighThis campaign for Lean Cuisine, the session suggested ways in which the industry could explore the edges of every group, organization or market to find the places where ideas are emerging and risks are being taken.

The session takeaway: You don’t need to set off a dramatic explosion to ‘blow things up.’ By tapping into 360i’s transformation as a digitally-centric agency, and what has inspired Nestlé’s progressive transformation as a company of 300,000 global employees and 2,000 brands, we looked at how selective demolition can create room to build for the future without compromising what is fundamental and timeless when it comes to delighting consumers, enhancing lives and building great brands.

Lee and Tom

Selective demolition begins by knowing what to ‘blow up’ and what to keep, which we highlighted in relation to three core marketing fundamentals:

  1. Inspire Organizational Change: From the top, but also from the edges.
    Nestlé has inspired change by incubating new ideas like Nespresso, the portion coffee brand that has redefined how people enjoy coffee worldwide, and by training a new generation of leadership through the Digital Acceleration Team (DAT), which is being used as a catalyst for emerging areas. The key in both cases was to not only find opportunities at the edges of the organization, but bring them into the center to have the biggest impact.
  1. Ignite Feelings to Believe: Stir emotions, but also stimulate the senses.
    Locked deep within every brand is a true purpose that goes beyond functional benefits, or reasons to believe, and elicits more of an emotional appeal, or feelings to believe – aligning with people’s senses in a way that evokes a physiological reaction. Today, marketers have more intelligence about what consumers say and do beyond what they could typically elicit from asking for feedback. This intelligence can lead to creative that better helps stimulate the senses.
  1. Make a Lasting Impact: Change minds, touch hearts, but also impact lives.
    Through work like #WeighThis for Lean Cuisine, Nestlé is committed to marketing that is about more than winning minds and wallets. It is a company committed to making a difference in people’s lives, through efforts like by encouraging them to weigh themselves differently.

No matter if a brand is inspiring organizational transformation like the DAT, igniting feelings to believe, or impacting lives through campaigns like #WeighThis, it is important for marketers to remember that what they ‘blow up’ is just as important as the fundamentals they preserve.