The 10 Best Vines from 360i’s Non-Stop Dance Spot

December 13, 2013

The agency holiday party is a time to kick back and toast to the end of the year with friends and colleagues. We also see it as a great opportunity to put creativity to work and create a memorable and engaging experience for all.

At our holiday parties in New York and Atlanta this year, we wanted to include a fun, interactive element to capture the festivities – in vein with last year’s Longest Dance Move project.

Our creative team collaborated with 360i’s Miami Ad School Greenhouse to create something that would bring the fun both before and after the party. Everyone looks forward to the holiday party each year, but how could we extend the experience to live on beyond the night?

To pique party-goers’ interest during the event, we decided to create an experience that would be fun at the time of engagement, but that was also somewhat mysterious in the sense that people weren’t entirely sure what they were a part of at the time. The second piece of the project was to deliver on the air of mystery by sharing an output that rewarded people for stepping out of their comfort zones for a few seconds.

Our solution was to utilize Vine to capture party-goers dancing in six-second intervals. We then aggregated all of the Vines created into a real-time website that updated as the night wore on, creating a live experience of the dance both during and after the party itself.

At the end of the party, we projected 360i’s Non-Stop Dance Spot on giant screens at the front of the party, and shared the website with everyone the following morning so they could relive the night.

Below are some of our favorite six-second moves from our 2013 Holiday Party. Visit to see the experience with music.











Non-Stop Dance Spot is one of the ways our employees are able explore their passions and creativity beyond the scope of day-to-day work. Big thanks to the team who worked on this for their collaboration and efforts to make the project a reality.

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Producer: Kelly Treadway

Creative Lead: Mina Mikhael

Miami Ad School: Philipp Enders,  Avery Harrison, Sine Harwits, Kristina Litvin, Neil Lopez, Simon Maye, Alex Norling, Eva Parlato, Khoi Phan, Alejandro Rodriguez, Daisy Urena and Elinna Vega.