The #ChangeAgents: What is the Role of a Brand Today? [VIDEO]

March 18, 2013

On this blog and throughout our entire agency, we’re passionately curious about how the shifting consumer landscape is affecting the ways in which brands approach marketing. This week, we’re bringing senior leadership from major brands to the forefront of the conversation.

We’re doing so through a series called ‘The Change Agents,’ which features exclusive interviews with senior clients from brands like Coca-Cola, Bravo, Kraft Foods and H&R Block. In these short videos, we explore how companies are forging digitally-centric marketing programs that connect with consumers like never before. Part I of this five-part series asks, “What is the Role of a Brand Today?’

Over the past decade, technology has greatly altered the ways in which brands communicate with consumers. The number of channels for interaction has proliferated with the rise of social-mobile behaviors, as has the sheer volume of interactions. For brands, this means that the value exchange has become paramount.

Successful marketers today are able to identify ways to garner and earn the attention and respect of consumers within an increasingly cluttered environment and effectively communicate strong brand stories that cohesively resonate across a multitude of channels.

Tomorrow, we’ll share Part II of our series, focusing on the question: ‘What is the Biggest Disruptor of the Past Decade?’ Join the conversation in the comments below or on Twitter by using the #ChangeAgents hashtag.

Cover Photo via Flickr