The Coverage of Kraft SVP Dana Anderson’s Keynote That in No Way Does Her Justice

September 16, 2010

There’s no way to properly capture the keynote by Dana Anderson, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Communications at Kraft Foods from 360i’s Digital Marketing Summit. Really, if you can ever hear her in person, and some world leader or celebrity is speaking the same day, book your ticket to see Dana. It’s even hard to quote much of it because it would ALL be out of context and probably ruin her reputation in Google forever.

That being said, we’ll to quote this Bad Boy’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

1) Be Sly. It requires cunning.

2) Play house. “Every woman says she wants a good man but we would knock over our therapists to get to a jerk.” They had a digital hot house for two and a half days. First experts came in, and then teams worked with their agencies on fixing one problem or solving one goal.

3) Don’t settle. The “rule of 2 unattractiveness” – if you’re a 5 you can date 3 or 7 but you can only move up or down two notches, unless something like fame or money gets in the way. The same holds true for great work. “If you’re not a great client, you’re not going to get great work.”

4) Be a little reckless. Color outside the lines. “If we didn’t color outside the lines, we never would have done Big Fork, Little Fork.” We thought about the consumer experience first and we don’t worry about branding.

5) Live large. Take ‘little d’ to ‘big D’ (DIGITAL). It’s a part of everyone’s lives, and it should be part of everything. Get a translator to help make it happen. Steer your own boat externally and internally. Don’t expect your agency to do everything for you. Take control.

6) Kiss & tell. Write thank you notes to everyone who helps you (for Kraft it’s with food baskets) until your hands are numb. Then market your marketing. Have everyone tell it. “Did you hear…?” “Have you seen…?” Make sure even those who have busy days get two minutes to hear about it. A favorite example of Dana’s: The Wheat Thins Crunch is Calling vans delivering some unexpected love for customers. Another: the community that formed and lasted around The Real Women of Philly.