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The Future of Viewability – New Report Outlines Key 3MS Findings

November 19, 2012

Today, 360i released a new report on The Future of Viewability, which addresses the challenge of ad viewability for marketers. The report summarizes a study led by the “Making Measurement Make Sense” (3MS) initiative, a multi-organization initiative comprised of the IAB, the 4As, the ANA and MediaLink.

As part of the group’s core mission “to propose standards for metrics and advertising currency that will enhance evaluation of digital media and facilitate cross-platform comparison for brand marketing,” the 3MS engaged several partners – including 360i – for a pilot program focused on the topic of ad viewability. The attached report outlines the discoveries of the 3MS program, and the short and long-term implications of these findings on both the digital industry and the overall media landscape.

Key learnings include:

[1] The viewable ad impressions metric is a necessary evolution to the online advertising model. Adoption of the ad viewability metric will ensure marketers understand the real impact of their media investment.

[2] Measuring viewability is an ongoing pursuit that will be pushed forward by innovators, with greater polish and evolution emerging as more people adopt the new metrics. As for now, the pilot uncovered challenges that must be overcome before ad viewability will be embraced.

[3] The implications of a standardized viewability metric are substantial and tremendously positive for publishers and consumers alike. The ad viewability metric will shift how the industry perceives the monetization of online real estate.

Download the report