The Inside Scoop from 360i Interns

July 25, 2019

Every year, we look for smart and motivated students to join our Summer Internship Program. This year, we were lucky enough to have more than 20 bright, young minds working across multiple capabilities and offices.

In honor of National Intern Day, we caught up with some of the industry leaders of the future to hear more about what they’ve learned so far in their internship and how they’re stepping outside of their comfort zones to maximize their experience.

Amari McFadden
Social Marketing Intern
“You aren’t truly ready for your career until you go out and gain experiences.”

Honestly, no matter how much time you spend at school preparing for your next chapter, you won’t be truly ready until you go out and experience it. So, having a busy schedule, attending tons of meetings with employees from different departments, learning how to satisfy and work with the client… all of the little everyday things that come with agency life that I have learned so far here at 360i have been invaluable for me. If you take full advantage of these opportunities, then you will reap the most benefits.

Greer Manning
Account Management Intern
“Agency life – It really is a family.”

Despite having different disciplines and client teams, everyone at 360i is really here to help one another. My favorite part about 360i is also what surprised me the most about agency life – it really is a family. Through my experience as a 360i intern, the best part is that I’m not an intern at all. (Or, at least I never feel like one). Instead of picking up coffee and dry cleaning, I’m helping to strategize best, new practices for the team with my supervisors. Every day I feel appreciated and respected, and what more can you ask for, not only as an intern, but as a person.

Eleonora Matina
Project Management Intern
“Be fast, but don’t hurry!”

As we all know, time management is key to success in the agency world. Agency life is always moving a mile a minute. Something new happens every day and your tasks can change very quickly. It is important to be on top of your work, to understand what you are doing and to deliver it fast while simultaneously assuring that there are no silly mistakes. Always be precise, even if you don’t have a lot of time, because in the end this will prevent the number of review-rounds the work has to go through. That will make your whole team happy.

Tais Dejesus
Influencer Marketing Intern
“Note to self: take notes.”

With all of the opportunities we have like Lunch + Learns, guest speakers and meetings with many disciplines, it is crucial to fully absorb all of the information that is presented to us. Always keep a notebook with you, so that you can jot down a pearl of knowledge or a quick tip from one of your mentors. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it gets lost in the mix!


Anna Diffley
Marketing Intern
“Don’t be afraid to say yes to things.”

As an intern, it can be intimidating to take on a task that you have no previous experience in. But I have learned that through the completion of these new tasks, I end up learning the most. I have become more comfortable with discomfort, and by helping out with a wide variety of tasks, I am able to learn the ins and outs of the job. I have learned more and more that transparency is key to success in this industry. Managing expectations is hard to do, and I am learning the best ways to communicate when I can take on more work, and when I will need a bit of extra time.


Cole Greer
Advanced Analytics Intern
“Collaboration is key.”

 My biggest takeaway from agency life so far is that collaboration is not only valued, it is required. I was surprised by the numerous amounts of teams and team members that work on one specific client. I find that this ubiquitous work between teams ultimately leads to the highest quality work and success in the end. Some of my favorite times here so far have been spent collaborating with and learning from other teams.


Rebecca Ahmed
Strategy Intern
“Brainstorming = beneficial.”

During my first week, I was able to participate in a brainstorming session that was all about creating a voice experience. I didn’t know anything substantial about that kind of technology, but having people from different teams contribute to the conversation gave me a lot to ideate off of. These brainstorming sessions can also help with writer’s block. Crafting a narrative for brands requires piecing together data points, trend analyses, the brand’s voice, your voice, and so on. Sometimes taking a step away from the millions of tabs on my computer is necessary for me to make progress – and these brainstorming sessions are good for that!


Boni McVey
Consumer Insights Intern
“It’s all in the detail.”

 Throughout my internship, I continue to discover how self-driven everyone in this industry is. It is an inspiring experience to see how motivated everyone is about the work they create and the passion that they perpetuate throughout each and every project. And throughout these projects, the attention to detail that everyone has is admirable. This is a skill that I have been working on since starting this internship journey.

A big thanks to all of our summer interns and Junior Associates for spending their summer learning with us. Happy National Intern Day!