The Top 10 Highlights from 360i’s Marketing Leadership Summit

October 19, 2015

The 2015 360i Marketing Leadership Summit last week in New York City drew a record audience of more than 350 marketing leaders. At this year’s event, we explored how to “Reimagine (Almost) Everything,” and learned how some of the world’s leading marketers and media companies are navigating change and shaping the future of our industry as it moves from being TV-led to digitally led.
Over the next few days we’ll share a series of posts summarizing the themes and takeaways from our event sessions, where our inspiring speakers shared how marketers can reimagine behavior, organizations, media and more – to  keep up with where technology and consumer behavior are going. In addition to the event session summaries we’ll also include a recap of the emerging and trending technologies featured in this year’s Innovation Lab.

Here are our top ten highlights from the day:

  1. “The Most Powerful Rewards Contain Emotions.” – Charles Duhigg
    In our opening keynote, Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter and Bestselling Author of “The Power of Habit,” shared lessons on how to reimagine behavior by understanding how habits are formed. In his presentation he explained how the rewards that create the strongest, most durable habits give people a sense of satisfaction and provide a genuine emotional experience. He discovered that if you can diagnose the cues and rewards in people’s lives, you can teach anyone – whether consumers, organizations or employees – how to change.Summit_Day_Selects_00051.1
  2. Reimagine Marketing: Featured Marketer Case Studies
    Top marketers from HBO, Nestlé and Pernod Ricard USA shared case studies and gave us insights into their formulas for success. Speakers touched on how to build the right formulas and understand brand objectives across paid, owned and earned channels to nail an idea at the core.
  3. “Twitter is the Ultimate Epistemological Hall of Mirrors, Creating #MutualVisibilityAtScale.” – Deb Roy
    Deb Roy, Twitter’s Chief Media Scientist and Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab, spoke about the evolution of social communication and how platforms like Twitter are providing mutual visibility at scale. With over 500 million tweets per day, Deb and his team at the MIT Laboratory for Social Machines are building a new analytics engine to map affinity of topics to better understand who is driving the conversation online.
  4. “Trust is the New Black.” – Arianna Huffington
    In our afternoon keynote Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, shared what it takes to continue to reimagine your organization while staying true to your DNA. She highlighted one of the Huffington Posts’ key pillars – “Thriving” – and discussed her own struggles with maintaining optimum health while being a successful business woman, her wake-up call and how the Huffington Post is bringing well-being and happiness to the world. (Hint – it has a lot to do with getting enough sleep!)
  5. Reimagine Programmatic with Joanna O’Connell
    Programmatic Expert and Former Analyst at AdExchanger, Joanna O’Connell, talked with us about how programmatic is disrupting technology and publisher relationships –   yet how as a still immature landscape, has a lot of growing up to do. She discussed hot topics such as fraud, viewability, inventory access and deal flow, and format availability, and confronted challenges and myths in the space head on.
  6. Breakout Presentations: Reimagine Search, Influencer Marketing & Paid Social
    In three dynamic breakout presentations and discussions, panels of leading marketers discussed reimagining search, influencer marketing and paid social – from using search to capture signals from consumers to ways to then leverage those learnings elsewhere.
  7. “Safe is Not Safe. As Digitally-powered Brand Builders, We’re Going to Need to do More to Break Through to Consumers.” – Pete Blackshaw
    Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital & Social Media at Nestlé, shared how Nestlé is putting digital at the center of the world’s largest CPG company, and how there is a risk with being too safe, especially at large companies where marketers are leaning on rational brand benefits. To break through to consumers, marketers have to go beyond giving consumers reasons to believe, to evoke a feeling to believe in a brand.
  8. “Expand Your Definition of Competition. Now it’s Really Anyone or Any Company that Competes for the Attention and Time of Your Viewer, Listener, Consumer or Audience.” – Seth Farbman
    Spotify’s CMO, Seth Farbman, discussed how discovery is the real currency for Spotify as consumers are looking for new ways to find and connect to music, and the responsibility of delivering content in a way that makes people’s lives better. Seth dove into the need to be audacious in a competing marketplace, and shared how in taking complex ideas and simplifying user experiences to help users find what’s right for them, has lifted barriers for Spotify and driven success.Summit_Day_Selects_00220.1
  9. The 360i Innovation Lab
    As part of a long tradition of offering innovative solutions and valuable partnerships, we teamed up with a number of emerging and trending technology companies to showcase the latest and greatest in technology from interactive kiosks (LinkNYC) and the latest beacon technology (Eddystone), to 3D printed food (XYZprinting) and digital vending machines (Vengo Labs) at the 360i Innovation Lab.
  10. Musical Performances by DJ MICK & Jon Batiste and Stay Human
    For the evening portion of our event, we welcomed internationally renowned DJ MICK and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s Jon Batiste and Stay Human to the stage. DJ MICK kicked off the party with a lively turntable performance that set the tone for the evening. Later, we were joined straight from taping by Jon Batiste and Stay Human, for an incredible New Orleans jazz performance, where the band played several songs among the crowd before taking the stage to close out the evening.