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The Waiting Game: A 360i Study on Consumer Downtime

April 24, 2014

The 360i Insights group* recently contributed a piece to Forbes that takes an imaginative perspective on social spaces, identifying white space for consumer engagement during consumer downtime.

We found that this strong undercurrent of downtime is fueling a massive social conversation around “waiting.” Identifying this opportunity to learn about culture and consumer behavior, we listened in to the “waiting” conversation, drawing implications for how marketers can effectively capitalize on the opportunity posed during consumer downtime.

Some of the key findings are:

  • At the deepest level, people are drawn to connecting with others more than attaining material goods or accessing fun experiences.
  • Waiting conversations are not intrinsically negative – the waiting process is a natural phase along the consumer journey, one that brands should plan for as a time to interact with the consumer.
  • The greatest form of currency to a waiting consumer is the presence of choice, which is more readily available in a digital landscape.

Head over to Forbes to read the full article.

*Big thanks to John Cho and Cullen Schiele for their contributions to this study.