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360i Celebrates Earth Day with Miracle-Gro Planting Day

April 23, 2014

To commemorate Earth Day, 360i hosted an agency-wide planting event at our offices across the U.S. With seeds, soil and pots provided by our friends at Scotts Miracle-Gro (a 360i client), more than 200 employees rolled up their sleeves and started growing!

This event wasn’t just about growing plants though— for when you grow, you grow much more than just a plant. That is the insight behind Miracle-Gro’s new campaign, “Gro Something Greater,” which is designed to resonate with a new generation of growers. For sixty years, the brand has been talking about the benefits that Miracle-Gro has on plants. “Gro Something Greater” improves the brand’s stake in consumers’ lives by showcasing the more emotive side of growing, and focusing on what plants do for people.

The participatory campaign is digital at the core with a robust hub ( that aggregates the personal stories consumers share on how plants amplify their lives. Stories are also being solicited in social and through influencers using the hashtag #GroSomethingGreater.

You can read more about the campaign over at The New York Times and explore the content and stories at