Working parents, why not tackle the school year like a media plan? 

Back-to-school has always been an exciting and hopeful time of year. New beginnings, new supplies, new clothes, and sales. Lots of sales. On the agency side, we relish this consumption alongside our clients, ensuring every promotion and every message gets to just the right person. It’s a busy time, but there’s optimism – especially for parents seeing their children tackle a new milestones. But not this year. Working parents are barely surviving with around-the-clock obligations at home and work, not to mention managing remote or hybrid learning for the kids.  Over the past few weeks, first-day-of-school pictures from across the country have cluttered our social media feeds with images of children behind masks or sitting at their newly decorated ‘home desks’. How are we going to survive this season of back-to-school? Well, like any well-designed media plan – with a clear objective, proper flighting, flexibility, creativity and accountability.    Define your objective as a working parent  A great media plan begins with a clearly articulated objective. We define objectives to help us prioritize efforts, manage resources and measure success. According to a 2017 guide published by the Harvard Business Review, parents should “have a vision of what they want working … Continue reading Working parents, why not tackle the school year like a media plan?