David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz
Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation

David Berkowitz is Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation at 360i, where he develops social media and mobile programs for the agency’s clients. As an avid social media consumer, David’s always looking for ways to manage information overload, so he turns to FeedBlitz for blog subscriptions, Topify for Twitter alerts and that magical “hide” button on Facebook. When he’s not online, he’s probably on line at one of his favorite high calorie haunts, from Belgian waffle nook Le Petit Belge in Manhattan to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Dallas. He can be found on Twitter @dberkowitz, his blog or elsewhere via MeeID.

Nicholas Cavet
Social Strategist

Nicholas Cavet is a Social Marketing Strategist at 360i, where he assists a wide variety of CPG brands in executing memorable social media campaigns and engaging conversations, grounded by 360i’s proprietary research and consumer insights methodology. In addition to social media Nick ‘Likes’ kickboxing the local competition in Hoboken, NJ and exploring new mountains to ride around the world. Next stop Innsbrook, Austria. Email Nick at or follow him on Twitter @ncavet.

Mike Dobbs

Mike Dobbs
Group Director of SEO

Mike Dobbs is Group Director of SEO where he is responsible for planning, implementing and managing strategic SEO initiatives for 360i’s clients. Since joining 360i in 2000, Mike has successfully managed large-scale search marketing campaigns for leading Fortune 500 marketers, implementing strategies that leverage the changing natural search landscape and its emerging opportunities to propel 360i clients to the top of the SERPs.
During off hours, he’s usually out playing soccer or with his wife chasing down their yellow lab Oscar in the front yard. Mike enjoys scoping out the next travel destination, and surfing with the Macho Beach Noseriders. For more on Mike, follow him at @mikedobbs.

Shankar Gupta

Shankar Gupta
Associate Director, Social Marketing

Shankar Gupta is an Associate Director of Social Marketing at 360i, concepting and executing social media campaigns for 360i’s media and entertainment clientele. His first job was as a crime reporter for the now-defunct New York Sun, where his duties included standing next to crime scenes in the pouring rain and sneaking into hospital rooms. His digital habits include obsessive following of, reading a wide variety of blogs on politics, video games, and video game politics, and watching whole seasons of TV shows on in a single sitting. You can find him on Facebook, or friend him on Xbox Live where he goes by the handle RageAchilles and is always up for some Gears of War 2 Horde mode.

Lara Hejtmanek

Lara Hejtmanek
Director of Customer Insights

Lara Hejtmanek is Director of Customer Insights at 360i, where she helps clients gain actionable insights into their audiences, brands and products using the Web as the world’s largest focus group. She thinks social media is the most exciting technological phenomenon ever, and is thankful that its denizens are so willing to share their thoughts and opinions, helping her to do her job every day. In her free time, she enjoys helping her two kids become budding artists, architects, scientists, bikers, skiers, philosophers, explorers, etc. Email Lara at or follow her on Twitter at @larahejt.

Nicole Hering
Digital Publicist

Nicole is a Jr. Digital Publicist at 360i where she manages digital influencer relationships and provides innovative PR strategies for 360i’s entertainment and CPG brands. Her curiosity for all things tech and social media go beyond office walls as she is always trying to keep her finger on the pulse of things. If you follow her on Twitter or Foodspotting, you will learn of her love for all things Syracuse athletics (Go Orange) or her kitchen adventures.

Sara Hofstetter

Sarah Hofstetter
Senior Vice President of Emerging Media & Brand Strategy

Sarah Hofstetter is Senior Vice President of Emerging Media & Brand Strategy at 360i, leading a team of 25 people that works with large brands to weave social media into their overall marketing strategies. Sarah is still enamored with her Flip to record little league games and karate promotions, and can sometimes be found playing Scrabulous, Lexulous or the rip-off du jour with friends. When not tethered to her blackberry or laptop, Sarah can be found kickboxing (either figuratively in the office or literally outside the office), or playing ball with her husband and two kids, Abby and Sam. Email Sarah at or follow her on Twitter @pezmeister1 (yes, she has an impressive Pez collection).

David Levin

David Levin
President, Creative & Technology Group

David Levin is President of the Creative & Technology Group at 360i, where he helps brands engage their customers through Web sites, banners, widgets, apps and whatever else his team can come up with. David is crazy about his iPhone, especially his fave apps. When not working, he spends time with his wife and super-playful infant daughter. When his daughter is sleeping and his wife is busy with Facebook, David watches way too many TV shows and critiques the writing to whoever will listen. Email David at

Danielle Moylan

Danielle Moylan
Insights & Planning, Manager

Danielle Moylan is an Insights & Planning, Senior Analyst at 360i, where she uses key insights gleaned from research to help direct strategies for our clients. She enjoys listening in the social media space to customers discussing our clients’ products and finding innovative ways to use this data to help further our clients’ goals. Her favorite digital activities include patrolling fashion blogs to help her predict the next fashion trend, seeking new recipes to bake for her husband, and seeing what family and friends have posted on Facebook. Danielle likes to interact with people, and when she’s not listening to online conversations, she’s out having her own conversations with friends on the lacrosse field, at restaurants around the city, or on shopping sprees anywhere she can find a bargain! Email Danielle at

Katie Perry
Associate Marketing Manager, Editor of Digital Connections

Katie Perry is Associate Marketing Manager at 360i, where she helps advance the brand’s diverse suite of digital offerings by increasing its visibility in the marketplace. Katie thanks the gods of technology each day for Grooveshark and her Nike+ running chip. When not at the 360i office, she can be found in the Bronx cheering on her beloved Yankees or practicing her Italian. Email Katie at or follow her Twitter at @katieeperry.

Orli Sharaby
Associate Director, Social Marketing

Orli Sharaby is an Associate Social Marketing Director at 360i, where she helps lifestyle brands develop smart, dynamic conversations with their customers across the social web. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and a whole host of other sites under the handle orlibeth. You can also read her blog posts on PSFK, where she covers fashion, retail and lifestyle. Orli likes a good journey, and when she’s not out discovering where the internet can take her, she’s running half marathons, traveling to foreign lands, and seeking out unique dining experiences across the five boroughs.

Sarah Sikowitz
Group Media Director

Sarah Sikowitz is a Media Director at 360i, where she leads her teams in developing media strategy. Sarah uses technology to make her life easier and, as part of this initiative, taught her parents to text. She now thinks they’re better at it than she is. Sarah loves to travel and notes Instanbul, Rome, Mexico City and Maui as her favorite cities. She knows that Maui doesn’t count as a city, but she had to throw it in because it’s just that fantastic. Email Sarah at or follow her Twitter @ssikowitz.

Katie Wall

Katie Wall
Associate Account Manager

Katie Wall is an Account Coordinator at 360i in Atlanta, where she assists in project coordination, ideation and social media research for a variety of brands. A self-proclaimed “Social Media Fan Girl,” Katie can often be found reading up on the newest things in social, or at social media networking events across the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. When she’s not at the office, you can find her on the soccer field, singing with her a cappella group or cheering her Tar Heels on to victory. Follow Katie on Twitter at @GoKTGo.

Bryan Wiener
Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Wiener is CEO of 360i. Bryan spends much his non-work time coaching his kids’ baseball, basketball and football teams. Bryan likes to catch 30 Rock on Hulu and uses Pandora as his constant commuting companion. It’s a long way from his days moonlighting as the Kool-Aid mascot (his first post-college gig when working at a sports marketing firm on the Kraft account). You can follow Bryan on Twitter at @bwiener.

Matt Wurst
Director of Digital Communities

Matt Wurst is Associate Director of Digital Communities at 360i, where he oversees a team of community managers specializing in content creation and conversation moderation on behalf of clients. He has a passion for working collaboratively with clients to provide rich, compelling and meaningful multimedia experiences that engage, entertain and educate fans in the social space. An avid sports and pop culture fan, Matt once appeared on an episode of “The Weakest Link” (he didn’t win), has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert over 40 times and believes that his fantasy football leagues are the most important digital communities he will ever manage. He can be found on Twitter @mwurst and his Tumblr blog, 4Screens, which chronicles his daily consumption of all forms of media.