Influencer Marketing

America’s Influencer in Chief

February 2, 2017

In a new article for WOMMA, 360i’s Head of Influencer Marketing and PR, Corey Martin positions Donald Trump as “America’s Influencer In-Chief” and offers important guidance for how brands should operate in the new political climate.

He writes, “The use of influence by the President is nothing new. In fact, by the early 1800s the Founding Fathers had shaped the Presidency into an influential position… However, this same historical influence steeped in tradition has already evolved under Donald Trump. Presidential influence is now much more intentional, especially where brands are concerned…. While it’s unavoidable that American leaders will have personal preferences for products —  Ronald Reagan famously ate Jelly Belly jelly beans and President Obama loved his BlackBerry –as marketers and communicators, this new intentional behavior from the Commander in Chief hits us dead center and wakes us up to a new reality. It may be more a matter of when, not if, we will be brought into the national conversation.”

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