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Influencer Spotlight: Catching up with iJustine

December 9, 2014

Justine Ezarik, more widely known as iJustine, is a YouTube superstar and the camo-obsessed darling of all things geeky. The 360i Influencer Marketing team first partnered with iJustine for H&R Block’s Billion Back Records campaign, where iJustine helped amplify the brand’s message to Millennials in need of tax advice through her quirky sense of humor, social reach and a mini pig.

Upon learning that iJustine is a huge fan of Coca-Cola, another 360i client, we invited her to participate in the Coca-Cola Freestyle #tasteface campaign. Her Instagram photo generated more than 2.5 million impressions, and her vocal community of followers shared their support and sentiments for Coca-Cola Freestyle.

We recently caught up with iJustine as part of our “Influencer Spotlight Series” to get her thoughts on video content and brand partnerships.

360i: What criteria do you consider when evaluating brand partnerships? Which aspects of the H&R Block partnership stood out to you the most?
JE: I only work with brands that I truly use, personally enjoy and align with. As a young adult, I had no idea where to turn to get my taxes done when I was in school. I wanted to help educate my audience about their financial needs while also entertaining them at the same time.

360i: How did you get your start on YouTube?
JE: I’ve been building websites and creating content since I was a teenager. Before YouTube, I made content and put it up wherever I could. When YouTube launched, I saw it as an opportunity to further expand my distribution strategy. From there, I continued to create quality, consistent content and engage and grow my audience.

360i: When did you realize that you’d made it as an influential Internet personality?
JE: That’s a hard question to answer — but I think it clicked when I started seeing my fans tweet me and show me things they had picked out or purchased such as phone cases, types of electronics, shoes and such. It was such a cool moment to realize that everything I would talk to them about in my videos and show them in my social content, was really influencing their tastes and purchase choices.

360i: Is there any advice you’d give to aspiring video-content creators?
JE: Create quality, consistent content that is true to who you are and that engages your audience. You cannot create content that will appeal to everyone, but you can find your core audience, and grow and evolve from there.

For more iJustine entertainment, check out her Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Cover photo via DazeNews