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Influencer Spotlight: Catching up with Julie Gutierrez

November 25, 2014

The Beauty YouTuber phenomenon is no longer a trend; it’s an established channel category. Among the YouTube stars of the world, this particular group has garnered some of the largest, most engaged audiences on the platform, followings which many beauty and fashion brands have leveraged in the past five years or so. We at 360i have partnered with many of them on brand collaborations, but are always looking to learn more about how and why beauty gurus maintain and connect with their audiences.

Julie Gutierrez, a self-taught makeup and nail design artist, has been particularly successful at developing a presence in the YouTube space. She’s the founder and lead-star of her YouTube Channel, JulieGBeauty. Having gone to school to be an investment banker, Julie, a self-proclaimed girly-girl, began filming makeup and nail tutorials on YouTube from her bedroom in 2008 – of which she expected no one to actually watch. When she started receiving requests for specific looks, she continued making videos based on suggestions, and has since reached a global audience of 500,000 subscribers and received over 120 million video hits. Most recently, Julie partnered with 360i to drum up excitement in the beauty and nail art world for our client Oxygen’s latest nail art competition series, “Nail’d It!

We caught up with JulieG, as part of our “Influencer Spotlight Series” to get a behind-the-scenes look at how she created her channel, why her fans are so engaged and for her take on beauty brands and trends.


360i: Why did you decide to make your channel about everything beauty and nails, and what’s your favorite thing about being an Influencer in this space?

JG: I’m passionate about all things beauty. It makes my heart beat a little bit faster. My favorite part about being an Influencer in the beauty space is that I have so much creative freedom and can connect with other beauty addicts from around the world.

360i: What kind of content do your fans react best to? What’s the secret to keeping them constantly engaged?

JG: They have really enjoyed and responded well to my daily vlogs where I film my everyday life. It’s a way to get to know me much better outside of my beauty videos.

360i: What would you say is the biggest contributor to the growth of your huge fan base today?

JG: I’d say the biggest contributor to the growth of my fan base is staying consistent in engaging and responding to my viewers. This is one of the major things I address in my daily vlogs, where I sit down with my cup of tea, read and respond to fan questions and comments left on my videos.  It’s created a bond and I love to interact with them.

360i: What would you say is your favorite beauty trend as of late?

JG: I’m obsessed with dark vampy lips. I’m usually all about a bold pink lip, but as of late, a dark blackberry lip drives me wild.

360i: What do you think women care about most from beauty brands?

JG: I think we appreciate a good, long-lasting beauty product whether it’s eyeliner, or blush – we are all busy women and we want our beauty products to stay put on our faces all day long without the fear of coming home at the end of the day, looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves, “I looked like THIS all day?”

360i: You’re not only an Internet maven, but you have also created and sell your own nail polish line. What made you want to start your own nail polish business and do you think you’ll expand the business in the next five years?

JG: Nails are such an important part of my life. I’ve always turned to painting my nails, and creating little designs on them during happy times and sad times. It’s always been an outlet for me. Creating a nail polish line that caters to everyone’s taste and style has been a dream come true.  It was really important to me to create a formula that was easy to work with, applied opaque with one to two coats and provided a wide color range from soft neutrals to funky bolds, and shiny glitters to metallics. The polishes are also budget-friendly at $3.99 and cruelty free. I’ve been slowly expanding the line over the past few years. We started out with six polishes, and by next year we will be selling 63 colors plus a fast-dry top coat in the permanent line, a super-hot spring collection and a matte top coat, and will even be expanding into a false lashes line by the summer.

360i: What kinds of work are you hoping to do in the future?

JG: I would love to continue traveling and exploring the beauty industry and trends in different cultures. I was in Japan last year and the nail art is out of this world. The whole beauty industry is so fun out there, I’d love to experience that in other countries.

To learn more about Julie or get the latest and greatest vampy lips, head over to her YouTube channel, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.