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Influencer Spotlight: Catching up with Amanda Jas

July 2, 2015

Amanda Jasnowski, also known as @Hokaytokay on Instagram, prides herself on her ability to find beauty in the small details of life. The 22-year-old photographer based in Brooklyn, New York uses her eye-for-design, eclectic style and color blocking to capture moments all around the world and share them with her thousands of Instagram followers.

Amanda’s innovative photos have earned her a guest editing gig for The Saatchi Gallery Magazine/ Art & Music, and have led to her work being featured on Refinery 29 and in exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and London. Her fun, artistic photos speak to the everyday viewer, intriguing them with unique angles and plays on lighting.

We caught up with Amanda to learn more about her unique photography, what she values in brand collaborations and her future passion projects.

360i: What inspired you to start posting on Instagram?
AJ: I started posting regularly on Instagram in 2011, and I think what inspired me was the simplicity of the app itself, and the fact that it was solely image driven. At the time, and as is the case now, there was a growing community of people all over the world who could view my photos directly on their phones. There is an intimacy to that, which a lot of other social platforms lack.

360i: What are some of your favorite photos that you have taken?
AJ: I’m pretty sentimental so most of my favorite photos are ones that represent a special occasion in time – the photos I first took when getting to know L.A., the photos I took during my first visit to Mexico, and the photos I captured during my first months living in NYC. While I’m proud of the photos I have taken during projects that were heavily planned out from beginning to finish, I’m more proud of my work that’s made in an organic nature, without lots of planning. It’s nerve-racking and thrilling, but perhaps necessary, to balance the more thought out projects with those on the fly.

Amanda Jas 3
360i: What kind of content do your fans seem to find most interesting?
AJ: While everyone loves a beautiful photo, I think my fans also respond well to the work that reflects me challenging myself as a creator. This is the kind of work that makes them stop their scrolling and stare.

Amanda Jas creator
360i: What is your favorite part about being an influencer?
AJ: I would say my favorite part would be having the ability to affect others through my work. Everyone has a voice, but not everyone is so fortunate to be heard.

360i: What do you think is the most important thing for brands to keep in mind about leveraging Instagram?
AJ: While it’s an incredible business tool, Instagram is also a really fun and simple platform, so brands should try not to get too rigid in what they post. For those brands that are most focused strictly on the numbers, try not to let them guide your efforts or be an end all, be all – engagement is much more important!

360i: What kind of work do you hope to work on in the future?
AJ: I’d love to shoot more editorials, fashion or portraits – particularly more fashion campaigns and maybe even short fashion films. I’d like to do more with my hands, whether it’s in creating my own sets, making books, teaching, or doing ceramics.

360i: Who are some influencers you look up to, and why?
AJ: One of my favorite influencers is Sarah Palmer. She’s a creator at heart and sees the potential in everything in the world, as I do. She stands her ground as a creator, and her Instagram feed is very much true to herself. Some other favorite influencers of mine are Michael O’Neal, Theron Humphrey, and Emily Blincoe. These three continuously challenge themselves creatively and own their craft and creative voice. They are also incredible, humble people that bring goodness into the world.

Follow Amanda’s latest projects on Instagram and Tumblr.