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Influencer Spotlight: Catching Up with Shaun McBride

May 7, 2015

Social influence is the change in behavior that one person causes in another – intentionally or unintentionally. Famed Snapchat artist, Shaun McBride (better known as Shonduras) fits this description to a tee – creating whimsical doodles that encourage and inspire others to seize every moment of life.

360i recently invited Shonduras to partake in a panel discussion on Generation Z Influencers as part of its WOMMA #WineWednesday event series in partnership with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. During the moderated discussion, Shonduras shared his invaluable knowledge of Gen Z’s online engagement behavior and how brands can consider partnering with a social Influencer such as himself to reach this next generation. We caught up with Shonduras to discuss what inspires him, how brands should approach connecting with Gen Z, and his ultimate goal in life.


360i: Can you tell us about your creative process and where you find the most inspiration?
SM: Creativity can’t really be forced – most of my ideas come at random – I’ll see an object and just start developing these quirky ideas or have a vision on how I can ultimately bend reality.

360i: Snapchat content is captured in the most exciting moments. Are you constantly thinking about what you should share with your friends via the platform? Do you ever get to just enjoy the moment?
SM: Most moments last longer than 10 seconds, so even after I get my Snapchat I am able to really immerse myself within the situation and glean enjoyment from it – especially when people share their moments with me via a snap back.

360i: When approached with partnership opportunities, what are the most important factors you consider to ensure you are staying true to your brand and audience?
SM: I try to show my audience an experience, rather than push a product. Examples of this would be taking them through a theme park in Disney World, traveling to Thailand with the help of Marriot hotels, enhancing peoples’ days in NYC via Samsung, or showcasing a music event with Red Bull. Obviously there will be exceptions – but for the most part I try to keep branding very creative!

360i: The Millennial audience is currently the hot ticket for brands, but Generation Z will soon take over. As an Influencer that has clout with both segments, do you have any advice for brands looking to remain relevant?
SM: Brands need to focus less on numbers and more on providing value. Anyone can pay to create positive results for a tweet or Facebook post, but having consumers genuinely engaging or interacting with your product is priceless.

360i: What is your ultimate goal in (social media) life?
SM: Honestly, just to get people hyped on life – to encourage creativity, and to stay positive and show others how awesome life can be by example!

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