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Influencer Spotlight: Catching Up with Zach King

July 23, 2014

360i’s Influencer Marketing group has worked with thousands of influencers since the practice was formed more than eight years ago. From Pinfluencers to bloggers, and YouTube personalities to Vine stars, we’ve been helping our clients to partner with the most creative and talented online influencers in the game.

As 360i’s influencer network (360iRMS) continues to grow, we thought it would be worthwhile to introduce some of the fascinating individuals whom have worked with our clients to bring their brand stories to life online. The “Influencer Spotlight” Q&A series will feature interviews with some of the most popular content creators around, uncovering insights into their worlds and tips for brands seeking to partner with them in authentic and powerful ways.

Kicking off the series is Zach King, a talented filmmaker and seasoned brand partner who has been dubbed “The Vine Magician” due to his quick and clever editing tricks that lead viewers to ask “How did he do that?” While Zach’s career as a content creator began on YouTube (his videos have amassed nearly 100 million views to date), he recently began translating his award-winning special effects skills to Vine and its six-second format.

360i: When did you first realize you had a talent for making videos?

ZK: I’ve been interested in making videos since I was seven years old when my parents handed me their video camera at a wedding and let me run around and film. Ever since then, my goal has been to entertain people and get them to laugh and smile at my videos.

360i: Where do you get your inspiration for your content?

ZK: Inspiration comes from all aspects of life. It’s funny because most my ideas come to me when I’m taking a nap, hanging out with friends or in the shower. It’s funny how that happens. When I surround myself with nature or people, the creativity seems to flow.

360i: What do you think makes Vine different from other short-form video platforms such as Instagram?

ZK: Vine is unique because of the shortness of the content and the loop feature. I love that you can tell a simple story in just six seconds. With short-form content, the audience is more open to viewing since their commitment is no longer than the six-second length. If they don’t like the content, then they don’t feel like they wasted their time.

360i: What do you think brands should be doing to make their content stand out?

ZK: Too often I find that brands try to play it safe with their social media content. Don’t be afraid to try out new platforms, push the creative limits and work with new influencers.

360i: If you could give brand marketers looking to work with Viners one tip, what would it be?

ZK: I view the brand and influencer relationship as a true collaboration. For me, a “win” would be to create content that my own audience loves to watch and share, while at the same time delivering content that meets the brand’s goals.

My advice to marketers: keep content true to your brand. Let influencers work with your brand within their own style to create content that stands out. If the creative output goes against the style of the influencer, or against the objectives of the brand, then the collaboration simply won’t work.

To get a taste of Zach’s “magic” check out his Vine, YouTube and Coca-Cola Freestyle work by clicking the below links.