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360i’s VP of Programmatic for Digiday: Time to Take Back ‘Programmatic’

November 1, 2016

360i’s Vice President of Programmatic Advertising, Kolin Kleveno recently wrote an op-ed in Digiday calling for the ad industry to take back ‘programmatic’. According to Kleveno “programmatic now stands for too many things, and so therefore it stands for nothing.” He writes in the piece:

I have a confession: I hate the term “programmatic.” It’s not only overused, but often misused. Industry trades, ad tech vendors, publishers, and agencies alike all use the term in whichever fashion that best suits their own needs.  We need to agree to one uniform definition and start using it correctly.

Programmatic advertising has evolved significantly over the past 13-plus years, going from the ability to buy and sell banner ads via real-time bidding to transacting on other media like TV, radio and out-of-home. Herein lies the problem: Because programmatic capabilities are ever-evolving, everyone has taken the liberty to adapt the definition of programmatic, making the term oversaturated with meaning.

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