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5 Simple Things Many Brands are Missing on Amazon

January 29, 2018

In a new piece for Ad Age, 360i’s VP of eCommerce, Will Margaritis outlines five simple things brands should cover off on Amazon before launching more complex media strategies.  Will writes that “brands understand the power of Amazon and… are committed to winning its endless aisles, shifting marketing spend to the platform, but there’s one mistake far too many are making: spending money before they’ve executed the brilliant basics. Brilliant basics are something we’ve long applied to our clients when it comes to search and discovery marketing off Amazon. But it certainly applies to it on Amazon as well, where the quality of your product detail page will impact the business performance of your media.”

“Essentially,” Will writes, “a product detail page needs to substitute for the experience of holding the product in store.” From images to product page title and descriptions, there are five easy things brands can do now to set themselves up for success on Amazon in the future.

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