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Behavioral Targeting is Your Recession Right-Hand Man

March 2, 2009

Call it the behavioral bright spot.

A refreshing getaway from negative chatter surrounding the recession, this year’s OMMA Behavioral conference took an optimistic dive into the growing sector of digital advertising via behavioral targeting. Chris Hansen, 360i’s VP of Performance Marketing, participated on two panels at the event, heading up a panel on audience modeling and participating in a session on agencies’ adoption of behavioral targeting practices.

The following themes emerged as hot topics at last week’s event:

Campaign performance and attribution. The industry is starving for real metrics and guidance around conversion attribution analysis and measurement standards.

User privacy, regulation and policies. As the FCC clamps down on user protections and regulations, our self-governed industry relies on forums such as the National Advertising Initiative (NAI) and Behavioral Targeting Standards Consortium (BTSC) for guidance and best practices. It is imperative that any vendors in the behavioral targeting space adhere to and participate in these programs.

Retargeting is still one of the most powerful targeting means in digital advertising. Not surprisingly, participants at OMMA Behavioral touted the power of behavioral targeting and the use of advanced data rich technologies to increase customer retention.

Data, data, data. Who owns it? Where is it being stored? For how long? What is it worth? What is it being used for? Industry experts and thought leaders in attendance concurred that this data helps marketers increase key performance indicators on campaigns, as well as enhance ad quality, ad relevancy and the overall end user experience. That said, the 900-pound gorilla in the room was that no one could fully answer the underlying questions regarding data.

Buzz words. Dynamic creative technologies, retargeting, data exchanges, attribution analysis, behavior analytics and reporting dominated the event lexicon.

Now more than ever marketers must devise smarter and more efficient means of targeting their customers – and behavioral targeting is making waves for its ability to do just that. Based on the buzz around the show, the growing acceptance and adoption of behavioral targeting tactics is going to increase in the year ahead. With this, we’ll see new technologies and providers emerge that provide even smarter ways for marketers to deliver data-driven advertising that improves their ROI.

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