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Q&A: 360i’s Jessica Sanfilippo on Display Ad Pricing

July 2, 2014

eMarketer, the industry-leading research firm for marketing in a digital world, recently caught up with Jessica Sanfilippo, Group Media Director at 360i, to discuss the multiple factors influencing desktop display CPMs. Below is a sneak peak of her interview. You can read the full report on eMarketer.

On trends regarding display CPM price changes: “We’ve seen a lot more emphasis in the last couple of years on things like native advertising and premium ad space that are designed to enhance publisher’s real estate and drive up prices.

On viewability and the impending switch to a viewable CPM: “I think it’s going to be a big year for viewability to be put into practice. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cost-per-viewed impression take off. If it does, I think it will create a ripple effect and pave the way for a digital GRP.”

Read the full report, “Programmatic and Premium Ads Pull Display Pricing in Opposite Directions,” in eMarketer.