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[REPORT] Beat the Bots: Cut Off Digital Fraud in the Planning Cycle

January 23, 2015

Automation and proliferation of advanced targeting options have made advertising more informed, more affordable and more efficient, leading marketers to invest significantly in digital and programmatic media this year.  However, with the power of data and machine-driven advertising comes the responsibility of protecting the industry from the rise of digital fraud.  Marketers’ excitement about the potential to buy inventory at attractive prices is fueling a growing problem that is predicted to cost the industry more than $6.3 billion globally next year, according to a new study from the ANA and White Ops.

Digital advertising presents a whole new set of challenges compared to broadcast, which is protected by the trifecta of inventory scarcity, visibility and standardized controls.  Digital has the opposite trifecta in play with near infinite inventory, difficult visibility and hundreds of different standards for reporting and controls – creating both an arena ripe with opportunity, and a breeding ground for fraud to grow unchecked.  According to the same ANA study, the impact of digital fraud is also spreading across channels, impacting display, video, mobile and social advertising.

At the close of 2014, escalating concerns around fraud and bots were at the heart of a growing debate around setting standards for viewability in digital and will remain a top challenge for marketers in the coming year.  While fraud is not likely to be eradicated anytime soon, marketers can tip the scales in a new direction by focusing less on finding out where fraud is happening (policing), and more on adopting a better framework for tackling this issue more strategically and sustainably (proactive).  In 2015, make a resolution to beat the bots by becoming more vigilant and cutting off fraud in the planning cycle.  This report details out how marketers can move their marketing – and the industry – toward a sustainable solution for reducing fraud and attaining maximum efficacy.

In this Report:

  1. The Rise of Digital Fraud & Bots 
  2. Marketer Implications
  3. Measuring Media Well-Being: Quality, Verifiable, Effective

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Report by Jared Belsky, President, and Shivan Durbal Director, Media at 360i

Cover photo via NonCompeteNews