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[REPORT] The Facebook News Feed Redesign

March 8, 2013

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it would be making its biggest News Feed update in years in order to deliver a simpler, more manageable experience for users. Our new report, “The Facebook News Feed Redesign,” outlines what the news means for marketers managing communities and investing in advertising on Facebook.

At the press event, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about Facebook’s mission to evolve from content aggregator to the world’s biggest and best “personalized newspaper.” The more visual, organized and platform-consistent interface ushers in an improved user experience that is designed to make all content more engaging – including ads.

The update hints at Facebook’s broader vision to create a one-stop social publication where users receive real-time information across a variety of topics from various sources – quality content from established sources and social content from family and friends. Facebook has been moving in this direction for quite some time, but aggregating so much content within a single feed has created a cluttered environment that has presented challenges for brands and users alike. Larger content types will lead to a more focused layout above the fold and filtered feeds will give users more control to drill down into the specific content buckets of their choice.

A more streamlined experience for users will likely improve their experience within the site, possibly encouraging them to interact with more content. As the platform moves toward a more visual design, content strategy will be as important as ever for brands. Advertisers will also welcome the new canvas, which will allow them to serve their ads within larger units – and in the future, perhaps reach consumers through newly unlocked inventory.

In this Report:

  1. What’s New with the News Feed
  2. Implications for Content & Community Management
  3. Implications for Media

Download the Report [PDF]

Karri Wells Wane, Senior Community Manager at 360i, co-authored this report.

Cover Photo via Flickr