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Twitter Launches Conversion Tracking for Advertisers

December 20, 2013

Twitter has released conversion tracking for advertisers utilizing Promoted Tweets on the platform – an update that will allow marketers to better connect the dots between their paid social investments and sales. Twitter had been testing the platform for several months.

Similar to Facebook’s conversion pixel, Twitter’s conversion tracking allows advertisers to measure and optimize the performance of direct response campaigns to drive sales. The free measurement and reporting tool ties website conversions to Twitter Ads, enabling advertisers to measure the ROI of ads on Twitter. This update is significant as advertisers can now optimize campaigns after evaluating which targeting and creative convert best.

Conversion tags are easy to set up – they are generated directly in Twitter Ads – and are named and assigned to a category that best describes the type of conversion an advertiser is tracking, such as site visit, purchase, download, sign up or custom conversion. Attribution windows can be set separately for both post-engagement and post-view conversions to help advertisers understand how all types of engagements (not just URL clicks) and impressions can drive conversions.

Advertisers have the ability to customize the length of their attribution windows within a range of one to 30 days. It will be interesting to see if more engaged users convert better compared to tweets that garner less engagements, but more impressions.

Brands such as Alex and Ani, Seamless, Targeted Victory and LiveNation participated in the beta testing and saw promising results. For example, Alex and Ani achieved a 65 percent lower CPA than its initial CPA target. Targeted Victory ran campaigns with a slightly different objective, to drive “sign ups” for one of their key clients, NRSC. Both brands were able to utilize conversion tracking for their specific needs.

Traditionally, Twitter has not been known as the best platform for running campaigns with DR objectives – yet, conversion tracking and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences (which rolled out earlier this month) are two prominent features that could help the platform to evolve and attract more advertisers with varying goals.

Cover photo via IPG Lab