Mobile Marketing

Links from The Mobile Hangover presentation at 360i’s Digital Marketing Summit

September 27, 2007

Now that you lived through 24 hours of MEGAphone usage in just a few minutes, you can review these links from the presentation at your leisure.

If you want more information on any of these technologies, just ask anyone at 360i, or drop me a note, and I’ll be happy to follow up.

Sleeping / Getting Ready

4am: Sleep Science

5am: WakeMate

6am: Lark

7am: FitFu

8am: Go Try It On

The 9-5 Workday

9am: NeoReader (one of the best mobile barcode readers)

10am: Summify, Aurasma

11am: Pinterest

12pm: Foursquare

1pm: Dokobots

2pm: Rosetta Stone

3pm: TaskRabbit

4pm: Google+

Drinks, Dinner and Unwinding

5pm: TabbedOut

6pm: Kraft iFood Assistant,’s GroceryIQ, CheckPoints

7pm: Barcode Hero

8pm: Snooth, MealSnap

9pm: IntoNow, GetGlue

10pm: Fashism

11pm: Localmind

Out for the Night

12am: Google Offers

1am: Sonar

2am: Alfred

3am: FoodSpotting