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The Best Ad Strategy for Pokemon Go Might Not Be What You Think

July 25, 2016

Marie Goldstein, social marketing manager at 360i, recently penned a piece for Adweek about the sweeping success of Pokémon Go and outlined the most critical takeaways for marketers. While there is much to say for the app’s advancement in connecting online and offline experiences through augmented reality, Goldstein makes the point that its true success lies in its generic targeting approach. And in doing so, Pokémon Go could come to represent the beginning of a shift in the way we advertise.

In the piece, she highlights four reasons why Pokémon Go proves that an agnostic approach may be needed:

  • Generalization is baked into its DNA. The game’s developer, Niantic, leveraged Google technology and consumer-generated insights from its game to determine user experience.
  • Pokémon has an established history. The Pokemon brand has been around for three decades and has adapted each iteration to the industry’s latest gaming technology.
  • Interest is driven by word of mouth. The game’s GPS integration is providing an offline experience that is refreshing to players who are used to highly personal online experiences.
  • It provides a generational juxtaposition. For gamers who have been following the Pokemon brand over the last three decades, this version instilled a sense of nostalgia.

For more, continue reading in Adweek.