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Branded Video Content Cheat-sheet: A Marketer’s Guide to 6 Top Platforms

February 26, 2015

In a highly saturated space where many major social platforms and video sharing sites are vying for branded video content, many marketers are faced with the question of where they should be focusing their efforts to see the greatest success and return.

This past January, Facebook released new statistics around video-specific user behavior, noting a 75 percent increase in global video posts that have totaled over one billion daily video views. And just earlier this month, new stats were released around attention garnered at the Super Bowl – notably citing how ads that ran through the Facebook player attracted 70 percent of the total shares generated by all Super Bowl ads online.

While a strong front runner in the video content game, Facebook isn’t the only platform vying for users’ video content these days – Twitter recently released promoted and mobile video uploads, and Instagram has seen great success around its high-quality 15-second videos.

When deciding where to publish video content for their brands, marketers should consider the following key questions:

  • What is the intended goal of the video? Is it meant to increase awareness and engagement among a specific audience or a fan-base, or is it meant to extend awareness at large? Facebook and Twitter’s value stems from their targeted paid capabilities, whereas YouTube is a platform for discoverability.
  • What is the budget? YouTube content, while more discoverable over a longer period of time, often needs a heavy media push to see substantial views beyond a subscriber-base. Facebook’s ad units and auto-play features for example result in a lower cost-per-view, making the platform more valuable for a lower-budget campaign.
  • What is the length of the video? YouTube favors longer content whereas the increasingly mobile nature of Facebook and Twitter often favor short-form videos at 60 seconds or less.

With video updates all the buzz for 2015, social video has become an increasingly integral component in holistic brand campaigns. To help marketers navigate the ins and outs of social video, and decide where to publish video content, we’ve created the below cheat-sheet of best practices on six leading websites and platforms for sharing video.

Cover photo via Writers Fun Zone