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[REPORT] How Brands Can Engage Millennials at the Supermarket

February 26, 2013

360i has released a new report that explores the digital habits of Generation Y while in the act of grocery shopping. “How Marketers Can Engage Millennials at the Supermarket” reveals that there is great potential for marketers to interact and develop relationships with this audience before, during and after this weekly routine. To capitalize on this opportunity, however, brands will need to shift their traditional shopper marketing approaches to tap into the Millennial mindset.

Initial research and analysis supported our theory that Millennials are one of the demographics most likely to express themselves in social media while at a grocery store. Taking this a step further, we analyzed hundreds of mobile posts from Millennials to learn more about their mindset and explore how they express themselves while in the grocery store aisles.

In this Report:

  1. What Millennials aren’t saying & doing says a lot. Millennials prefer to share their grocery shopping experiences in words, not images. When the consumers did share pictures, it was because something unique or out of the ordinary caught their eye. Brands can encourage more of this behavior by presenting unique or out-of-the-ordinary imagery that is prime for a photo opp.
  2. Sarcasm Reigns Supreme for Millennials in Stores. The Millennials we studied for this report seemed to revel in negative and sarcastic commentary. In fact, negativity accounted for nearly fifty percent of all mobile-social comments, though this tone was often accompanied by a wry sense of humor and amusement. Positive conversations surfaced when Millennials were entertained, revealing a potential opportunity for marketers able to find ways to make shopping more fun and playful for this audience.
  3. How Can Brands Buck These Trends? With only 3 percent of Millennials actively sharing brand names, engaging them in the grocery store presents quite the challenge for marketers — especially when taking into consideration that only a quarter of the feedback recorded was positive. Our report outlines several ways for marketers to influence conversations occurring in the grocery store and shift the tides in their favor. For example, brands should explore ways to make the experience more exciting and create ways to empower Millennials before, during and after the act of shopping.

Download the Report [PDF]

Cover photo via Flickr