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What’s Buzzing: Pinterest Conversations, Sup App & More

August 8, 2014

This week the office was buzzing over the latest changes made by Facebook, including Facebook’s new buy button and save feature. New hit movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was setting records with the biggest August opening of all time and lead star Chris Pratt continued to entertain during his press tour with his unexpected Eminem rapping skills. Read on for more updates from this week.

Pinterest Launches “Conversations”
Last year, Pinterest launched a new feature that allows users to send pins directly to their friends. The feature was quickly adopted — users are sending 2 million pins a day — and the platform has been looking for ways to keep the personal sharing going since. Enter Pinterest “Conversations,” which allow users to send pins to a friend or group of friends and collect messages and thoughts around the pin in one place. This new feature could come in handy for users wanting to collaborate with friends for planning events and vacations, or seeking advice on projects. It could also offer new opportunities for brands to engage with Pinterest Influencers and users they are following for increased collaboration.

Sup App Puts You in Charge of Your Friends
Move over Snapchat, a new app is here to takeover teens’ attention. Sup, the latest video app out there, allows users to see a live video stream from their friend’s phones while controlling the shots. After friends are connected through the app, they can send messages — or “Sups” — to their friends, encouraging them to engage. The users receiving the Sups then only have five minutes to decline or accept. If a friend accepts the Sup, a live, ten-second video stream will be sent to the requester. While the video stream is happening, the requester can instruct their friend to move the camera in different directions by swiping left, right, up, etc., request that they take a selfie, or perform different actions like dance, kiss or flex by using built-in emojis. Requesters can press the heart button if they like what they see to allow for more time with the video view. Sup’s founders are relying on the app’s focus on “teleporting” users to their friends’ locations to help it stand out in the app space.

Australian Marketing Campaigns Focus on Food and Social Media
Two Australian campaigns focused around food were making the rounds on the Internet this week. Cadbury launched the “Joy Generator,” a vending machine that disperses free Dairy Milk candy bars based on a user’s Facebook profile. Machine visitors connect their Facebook profiles and the Joy Generator goes to work analyzing Likes and interests to pick the candy flavors that best fit the user’s personality. Testers of the Joy Generator seemed pleasantly surprised when the machine provided them with their favorite varieties.

Also in Australia, Virgin Mobile is encouraging social media users to use their #foodporn for good. Virgin Mobile’s research found that food photos were the second highest type of photo taken by Australians, and the third most common type of photo to be shared on their social channels. From this insight, #mealforameal was born. Every time a food image is shared on social with the #mealforameal hashtag, Virgin Mobile will be sending a donation to OzHarvest, a group that delivers food to 500 charitable organizations around Australia. #mealforameal marks the first initiative of its kind to turn food pictures into real meals for the needy, and Virgin Mobile is hoping to deliver 400,000 real meals to those in need during the campaign.

Vine Updates Features for Mobile Users
iOS Vine users were treated to multiple app updates this week, including customizable notifications for push notifications and optimizations to the share feature. Traditionally, users had to choose where they wanted to share their Vine videos before creating them. With the new update, users can create video and then choose where to share. Vine also now has a new navigation bar for easier exploration in the app, as well as support for Arabic, Hebrew and English (UK) languages on Android and iOS.

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Cover photo via OzHarvest