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What’s Buzzing: Platform Updates, MTV Snaps & More

July 18, 2014

The World Cup may have ended this week, but that doesn’t mean we’re all ready to move on just yet. Snapchat kept the memories alive with their Our Story feature, showing off a series of user snaps from Brazil. Twitter, on the other hand, seems ready to move on to the next big thing, saying goodbye to the “hashflags” that for the past couple months dominated our feeds.

And beyond World Cup news, Twitter’s new and improved analytics dashboard was only the first in a flurry of platform updates that rolled out over the last seven days, including the location-based Geofilters feature that Snapchat recently announced. Read on for more of the latest updates.

Pinterest Helps You Discover New Pins & Manage Them Too
If Pinterest is your happy place, it’s about to get even happier. This week the platform began the roll out of new features that will make it even easier for users to discover pins they are interested in and, in turn, for brands to be discovered themselves. When visiting an interest category on the site, users will not only be able to see a new section of related interests that they can then explore, but they will also be able to subscribe to their favorite interest categories and get more pins in their home feed from others who share the same interests. And in case any pinners get overzealous and want to undo all the new categories they’ve chosen to follow, they can simply visit the newly updated Following section of their profile, which shows all the interests, boards and pinners to which they’ve subscribed.

Facebook Mentions Is Here, But It’s Not For Everyone
Facebook’s been on a roll with app releases lately, and this week was no exception. The newest app from the social platform, Facebook Mentions, is for a very specific audience – celebrities, influencers and public figures. In order to even gain access to the app, a user must be verified, making Facebook’s blue checkmark a veritable golden ticket to this exclusive chocolate factory mobile experience. The app makes it easier for its influential users to sort through the noise, simplifying the Facebook experience and encouraging them to be more active on the platform. And it’s called Mentions for a reason – the app collects all mentions of the user so that they can see all conversation about themselves in one place. It also collects trending topics so that users can easily join hot conversations, allows users to share updates straight from the app and enables users to host live Q&As.

MTV Announces VMA Nominees via Snapchat
On Thursday, MTV announced the nominations for this year’s VMAs via 10 eight-second videos released exclusively to their followers on Snapchat. The snaps themselves contained not only the newsworthy nominations, but also popular artists like Auston Mahone and stars from MTV’s own shows reading the nominations out loud. MTV boasts approximately 150,000 followers on the platform, who all received the Snapchat-exclusive scoop before it became widely available online. Unlike other award shows, MTV’s VMAs hasn’t been shy on digital announcements in the past. This year’s Snapchat scheme is the evolution of last year’s announcement via Instagram and Vine. And in case you were wondering, Queen Bey is leading the pack this year with 8 nominations under her belt.

Cover photo via Facebook