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What’s Buzzing: Spider-Baby, Double Down Dares & More

April 25, 2014

With so many platform updates coming in from Twitter and Facebook lately, we’re not surprised to see an update from Instagram this week. In an effort to further personalize the platform, the photo-sharing app is tailoring each user’s Explore page to contain top content that has been “Liked” by people they follow. In other news, KFC is bringing back ‘Double Down’ with a new social campaign, and Evian’s Spider-Baby comes to the rescue on Twitter. Read on for more news from this week.

KFC’s ‘Double Down’ Dare
For a limited amount of time, KFC is bringing back their most controversial and talked about menu item: the ‘Double Down.’ The bacon and cheese sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken concoction will be making a limited menu comeback through May 25. The product reintroduction is being supported by a new campaign aimed at social media savvy Millennials. The initiative challenges consumers to share their best ‘Double Down’ selfies and dance moves on Instagram, Vine, Twitter and YouTube using the hashtags #DoubleDownDare, #DDselfie and #DDdance. Winners will be awarded cash prizes.

Photo via KFC

World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie on Snapchat
The animal conservation company World Wide Wildlife Fund (WWF) is tapping into the ephemeral app Snapchat to educate users on endangered species through a series of ads. By encouraging Snapchat users to share with their friends the images of five endangered species with the message “Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie,” the Danish branch of WWF is raising awareness for its cause by mirroring the transient, disappearing nature of Snapchat images of the endangered animals themselves.

Electrolux’s Real-time Cooking Videos
Electrolux is revamping their Tumblr blog’s how-to video collection with cooking videos shot and streamed in real-time. This past week, the company hosted a two-day event and shot 15 live cooking demos for its site, “Now You’re Cooking.” And to promote its new Expressionist Collection, the company is partnering with influencers to feature recipes by the food bloggers that will include interactive segments and competitions using the Twitter hashtag #NowYoureCooking.

Evian’s Spider-Baby Part II
Evian is bringing back their mini Spider-Man character whom they introduced to the world earlier this month via YouTube. Building upon their ‘Amazing Baby & Me 2’ ad which coincided with the release of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ movie and which featured a baby version of the popular character, Evian’s Spider-Baby will now be coming to the rescue on Twitter. Encouraging followers to tweet their problems using the hashtag #AmazingBabyRescueMe, Evian will be providing solutions via Tweets, Vines and illustrations – strengthening the idea that there is a “super-baby within everyone.” Throughout the campaign, content will be curated on an ‘Amazing Baby’ Pinterest board and some of the most creative suggestions will be awarded small prizes such as movie tickets announced via personalized comic book-style illustrated posts.

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Cover photo via Now You’re Cooking