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360i Report on Nielsen and Facebook’s Advertising Effectiveness Study

April 28, 2010

Nielsen and Facebook recently released a study outlining the positive relationship between paid and earned media on brand awareness and engagement metrics. The study is the first joint research report from the two companies following their September 2009 announcement that they were partnering to develop quantifiable brand-focused measurement for advertisers on Facebook. This white paper outlines the cumulative results of their “BrandLift” studies across 14 Facebook campaigns.

360i POV on Nielsen and Facebook’s Advertising Effectiveness Study

Key Takeaways

What prompted the study?: As social marketing continues to evolve, marketers, agencies and publishers have been struggling to understand the impact of social channels on driving brand metrics – and, more importantly, how to measure and compare this impact alongside traditional brand media channels. Measuring brand awareness, ad recall and purchase intent within the context of Facebook advertising will help marketers understand the value of running paid and earned media together and could inform larger decisions around their media mix and budget allocation.

Why is this important to marketers?: Looking at the bigger picture, this study highlights the importance and impact of online media, both paid and earned, on driving brand metrics. Social marketing as earned media is becoming a bigger part of the marketing mix, but is often planned and evaluated separately from traditional digital media channels. Thus far, there has not been a definitive study showing the complementary connection between paid and earned media. Nor has there been the framework through which marketers and agencies can plan these two mediums together.

Next Steps: Marketers need to begin looking at paid and earned media initiatives as complementary and know that planning them together can impact brand metrics. Marketers and their agencies will need to develop strategies that include both, clearly laying out how they’ll play off each other.

When planning a campaign that’s meant to engage consumers beyond the initial click, it’s imperative that consumer behavior and social context are taken into account. Marketers and agencies have the ability to drive that behavior by including the right tools and support to help their audience connect with their brand and amplify their message.

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