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360i’s Report on Social Commerce: Daily Deals

July 19, 2011

Today we released the fourth POV in our summer-long social commerce series, focusing on daily deals sites. You can read and download the complete report after the jump.

Groupon is the current market leader in the daily deals space.

Like any maturing market, we expect the daily deals space to experience a period of consolidation over the next year that will yield a handful of key players – those platforms or services that can most effectively trigger consumer impulse buys. Real-time, mobile and personalization will be the primary trends that drive these platforms’ success. For marketers, it’s important to experiment now to understand the value these different sites can bring, and to use daily deals less as a revenue stream and more as a promotional tool to engage new customers.

In this latest report we discuss how daily deal sites are merging social networking and commerce to change the digital couponing landscape and review some of the ways brands are experimenting and succeeding in the space.