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Couponing in the Digital Age – A 360i Playbook for CPG Brands

June 29, 2011

Today we released Couponing in the Digital Age, a playbook for consumer packaged goods brands that provides guidance on how to connect with digital-minded consumers who are increasingly shifting their couponing habits online. The report is available for free download at

From the recession has emerged a new budget-conscious America that is driving a marked shift in consumer behavior around coupons. Digital coupons today represent a small, but growing, portion of the overall coupon market – and the pace of change in media and mobile continues to create tremendous opportunities for marketers with a vision. In fact, eMarketer recently estimated that by the end of 2011, nearly half of US adult Internet users (more than 88 million people) will have redeemed a digital coupon for online or offline use. With frugality in vogue and Sunday newspaper readership on the decline, savvy shoppers will increasingly look to the web to save on packaged goods. Brands with a deep understanding of the behavior of their specific target, as well as a firm grasp on the burgeoning landscape, will be best suited to make the most of the myriad opportunities afforded by this environment.

Digital coupons are more flexible, efficient and more effective at enticing new buyers. They also appeal to a more attractive demographic of Millennials and other digital natives. Their benefits are many – and as CPG marketers turn more attention to digital coupons, 360i’s playbook provides an overview of the landscape and tips for maximizing marketing objectives through the use of digital coupons.

Key areas addressed in the Playbook include:
* Digital Coupons Overview: Ten reasons why digital coupons matter right now – from increased acceptance of coupon usage to Sunday newspaper readership declines.
* The digital coupon target: A detailed glimpse at the persona of a typical digital coupon user, as determined by the Insights & Planning group at 360i.
* Evaluating digital coupons for your brand: How to apply 360i’s Strategic Lens to opportunities in digital couponing.
* The differences between digital & traditional coupons: The advantages digital coupons present in relation to their traditional counterparts, including higher redemption rates, increased sharability, lower costs and more robust performance metrics.
* Couponing Innovations: Social coupons, group coupons, mobile coupons and more innovative ways that marketers can distribute digital coupons.
* Measuring Success: The success of a digital coupon campaign relies on several factors, including brand favorability, household penetration of a product/category, brand development index, and more.

To download Couponing in the Digital Age, please visit This playbook is the third in 360i’s ongoing series, which includes the Social & Mobile Marketing Playbooks.