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Mobile Marketing & the Challenges that Lie Ahead, a Report from 360i

August 17, 2010

Today, we released our seventh and last report in our summer-long series on mobile. This final installment addresses the challenges that marketers might face while embarking on mobile efforts – and presents a better understanding of these challenges so you can plan for them and, in the best case scenarios, use them to your advantage.

Download the full report below.

Mobile Marketing & the Challenges that Lie Ahead
Mobile challenges include:

  • Less accessible insights – Research for mobile programs is not as robust as what’s available for websites and Internet users.
  • Data overload – Mobile presents another source of data to monitor. Marketers need to analyze how mobile users are accessing their mobile sites and how those behavior patterns match up with what users are doing online.
  • Fragmentation – Among all of the devices and operating systems, publishers and ad networks, and various mobile channels, it can be difficult to execute campaigns that tailor to your target customer base.
  • Scale – Closely related to the challenges posed by fragmentation are those related to scale. Mobile search is anticipated to grow at a faster pace than global web searches, but even in 2012, mobile volume will be about a quarter of web search (source: RBC).
  • Uncharted territories – New mobile opportunities require new creative and new thinking for how to best use them. The biggest challenge is the learning curve to understand how these very new marketing opportunities can tie in with marketers’ overarching strategies.


If this Summer of Mobile series has been largely bullish on mobile marketing, that’s because the vast majority of marketers can be doing more to reach consumers who are increasingly turning to mobile as the first screen, not the third. You can read previous editions right here on the blog, where you can also subscribe to receive more updates on mobile and digital media.