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[REPORT] Best Practices for Advertisers as Mobile Search Soars

July 18, 2012

After years of promise, search has officially moved beyond the PC and laptop. Our latest 360iU report, Search Beyond the PC, explores how accelerating mobile and tablet search growth is inspiring marketers to adapt their search strategies to reach a new generation of always-on, on-the-go searchers.

In Q2 2012, mobile devices and tablets comprised 14 percent of total search advertising spend, up more than 330 percent year-over-year, and clicks grew 325 percent (Source: IgnitionOne Global Advertising Report). What’s more, 360i’s own research reveals that brands can see upwards of 30 percent of their branded searches come from mobile devices and tablets. Though far from the majority of all searches, this is a formidable and growing number that advertisers cannot afford to ignore.

Download the POV to learn how you can develop a strategy for reaching non-PC searchers.