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The New Era of Online Listening — a 360i Report on the Evolving World of Consumer Insights

November 16, 2011

Today, we published a report on The New Era of Online Listening. Over the past few years, the practice of online listening (also called buzz monitoring or social media monitoring) has gone from an obscure research concept to a rapidly growing and bona fide research methodology, adopted by many brands across industry verticals.

But with such rapid growth and with the proliferation of companies offering listening services ranging from fully automated solutions to manual, human-powered analyses of online conversations, what is the right model for incorporating online listening into your research approach? What is listening best used for? How often should it be used? Most importantly, what decisions does it help drive?

To help sort out these questions, we’ve outlined what we consider the most important considerations for listening, and how to approach setting up a listening program that is both efficient and customized to the needs of your brands and your business. Read and download our full report to learn more.

-Shilpa Brahmbhatt, Lara Hejtmanek, R.G. Logan, Lee Maicon and Danielle Mormile contributed to this report.