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360i Launches Social Commerce Series with Report on Facebook Commerce

May 4, 2011

Today we are launching a new POV series on social commerce, which analyzes the evolving role of social media along the purchase process. In the context of the purchase funnel, social media tends to work best at generating awareness and interest, influencing consideration and preferences and then harnessing consumers’ post-purchase enthusiasm by tapping into their advocacy. As social technologies become more robust, and consumers tap into social media as a routine part of everything they do online and offline, there are new opportunities to translate social currency into hard currency.

This POV series explores these opportunities in detail, and will cover:

  • How marketers can use Facebook to drive commerce, both within the social network itself and by applying a social layer to their own sites
  • Why social integrations within a retailer’s website that inspire sharing pre- or post-purchase – as opposed to buying within Facebook – are often the best examples of social commerce
  • How social shopping can turn virtual product experiences into real consumer interest and transactions, even when not on social networks
  • Why sticking to fundamentals such as ratings and reviews can have a major impact on purchasing
  • Which marketers should care most about group buying, and how to distinguish between what’s a fad and what will have an ongoing impact
  • What the future of social commerce looks like

» Read & download our first POV of the series on Facebook Commerce