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No Search Standout, a Moment in the Sun Will Evaporate RockMelt

November 10, 2010

Video: RockMelt overview

RockMelt is a fitting name for the new web browser that is rolling out this week. It will be hard to get anyone to use it, and the hype will disappear overnight. I haven’t seen such an apt moniker for a product since I watched the show “Bored to Death.”

The browser already racked up $9.9 million in funding, with much of that coming from the firm of Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen. Built using Google’s Chromium and thus fully interoperable with Google’s Chrome browser extensions, RockMelt feels like what would happen if Facebook launched a web browser. Users can easily access their friends’ Facebook posts, along with Twitter updates, blog posts and other social content, directly from the frame of the browser. It’s heavily built around Facebook though, as users must enter their Facebook login to get on the wait list for access to the browser, and in the process one must give various permissions to RockMelt.

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