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What Yahoo!’s New Display Targeting Options Mean for Marketers

February 25, 2009

Will Yahoo!’s new targeting features hit the sweet spot for digital marketers? (By clevercupcakes via Flickr)

Marketers are increasingly tying their search and display together and, by looking closely at attribution reports, gaining better clarity into how search and display work together to drive sales. This week, Yahoo! announced that they will offer “search retargeting” for display ads, or the ability to target display ads based on data such as what a user has previously searched for or their browsing behavior on an advertisers’ site.

Typical media touch points during a purchase decision may look like this: broad keyword search (research/consideration) → display ad view (reminder) → tail/brand keyword search (shopping/intent to purchase)→ purchase. With a user conducts a search, they are raising their hand and showing exactly what they are interested in. By combining search & display through Yahoo!’s new retargeting program, marketers can better own the conversation with prospective customers who have shown an interest in their product and increase the likelihood that the conversation will result in a sale.

Speaking with Advertising Age yesterday, Bryan Wiener, CEO of 360i, remarked that, “The beauty of search is you’re capturing interest at the point in time when they’re most engaged in seeking information. To be able to follow up on that search with additional messaging in a display unit is very powerful from a conversion perspective.”

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