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What’s Buzzing: Model Searches on Twitter, X-Men Makeovers & More

April 11, 2014

This week saw updates from two of the biggest social platforms. First, Twitter is rolling out a new profile layout for users, which will give Twitter profiles a visual boost. Additionally, in an effort to reduce spam-like content in a user’s News Feed, Facebook has just announced an algorithm tweak that cracks down on Like, comment and share-baiting. On the search side, Google announced a privacy update that will affect how paid search advertisers will access keyword-level data moving forward.

Read on to learn more about this week’s brand updates and activations.

Stockholm Art Week Welcomes All
This year, Stockholm Art Week celebrated hundreds of artists, whether they considered themselves professional artists or not. With the “Stockholm Is Your Canvas” initiative, people from all over the world were invited to display a piece of personal art for 30 seconds on a digital billboard in Stureplan, Stockholm that sees more than 450,000 people pass by every day. Initially limited to just Swedish citizens, artists could submit a piece of work and select a desired time they wanted their artwork to be displayed. The initiative got people involved, eliminating the often deterring “elitist” impression that many art events can take on, and allowed artists to gain exposure no matter their skill level or style.

Photo via MediaBistro

Time Out Introduces User Reviews
Time Out, the go-to site for restaurant and event reviews, is tapping into individual user wisdom with the release of a new user review product. Users can now post reviews and comment on events in real-time with the option of including pictures. While the update is promising for the platform, it is also limited. In the future, Time Out will be rolling out new features such as user profiles and a user ranking system according to how many reviews a user submits. While their goal remains to stay a trusted source, this update will open up conversations and the option for users to voice their opinions on the site.

Oreo Expands Snack Hacks Video Series
Earlier this week, Oreo (a 360i client) introduced a new component to their “Snack Hacks” series which embraces our cultural obsession with food remixing (the bringing together of classically popular food items to create deliciously unexpected synergies), and taps into the insight that Oreo fans are always looking for unique ways to enjoy their favorite cookie. The brand chose three creative food artists to invent Oreo-centric dishes that will change the way fans experience Oreo. Michael Voltaggio (Ink restaurateur), Roy Choi (“L.A.’s Street Food King”) and Nguyen Tran (of Starry Kitchen fame) transform the cookie everyone loves into unexpected and easy-to-replicate food creations which are being shared in a series of short videos launched on the Oreo YouTube channel.

Marc Jacobs Begins Model Search on Twitter
In early February, Marc Jacobs opened up a “tweet shop” during London Fashion Week where fans could use tweets as currency for products. Now, the social media savvy fashion company is turning to Twitter to find the newest face of Marc by Marc Jacobs. Capitalizing on the increasing popularity of #selfies, the designer is searching for models on Twitter by asking users to take selfies and tweet them using the hashtag #CastMeMarc. This innovative search will skip the model agency step altogether.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Offer Fans X-Men Makeovers
Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are likewise playing up the #selfie trend with their latest campaign which links the restaurant’s X-Tra bacon product and 20th Century Fox’s new movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, which premieres May 23. The brand is asking fans to submit selfies on Instagram of them eating at one of the restaurants’ locations and tagging the photo with the hashtag #EatLikeYouMeanIt. Fans will then have the chance to win an X-Men Digital Makeover, transforming a picture of them into an X-Men character.


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