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12 Great Facebook Posts from Brands in 2012

December 28, 2012

From NFL replacement ref debacle to President Obama’s re-election to Carly Rae Jepsen not picking up the telephone, 2012 has been a big year — and the Facebook News Feed captured it all.

We took a scroll through the Facebook Timeline to reminisce on some of our favorite posts shared by brands over the last year. At the core, these posts all have three things in common – they’re brand ownable, compelling and timely.

These pieces of content achieved relevance by identifying with fans, their values and attitudes (read more about key factors to creating breakthrough visual content here). Some are witty, others are poignant or thought-provoking, but no matter the tone, they evoke an emotional response in their audience and create something we can’t help but “Like.”

1. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Fisher-Price’s Valentine’s Day stop motion surprise

Last February, 360i client Fisher-Price celebrated Valentine’s Day with some fan love in this stop motion video. With Little People cast as the actors, the brand warmed fan hearts on this internationally celebrated day.

2. Oreo Dunks to Carly Rae Jepsen

In June, Carly Rae Jepsen’s single, “Call Me Maybe,” was at the peak of popularity when Oreo – a client of 360i – repurposed the lyrics to reflect an activity that has become synonymous with the famous cookie – “dunking.” This witty and share-worthy post tapped into a popular culture phenomenon to connect with its millennial fan-base to the tune of 100K Likes and 16K shares.

3. Dentyne demonstrates cats also dislike bad breath

In July, 360i client Dentyne jumped on board the cat-fad circulating the Internet and made their own fun. Not only does this pun support the brand’s social currency – for sweet-smelling, “safe” breath — but the social relevancy of this cat stands out among the clutter of fan News Feeds and mirrors the type of content that its community wants to see and share.

4. Thumbs Up for Skittles

On July 28, Skittles recreated the infamous Facebook “Like” button using their colorful confectionery. Captioned “the most likeable like button in the world,”  this post certainly got some likes — 170K of them to be exact.

5. Coca-Cola Plays on Labor Day

On Labor Day, a community of Coca Cola-lovers was reminded to put their feet up with this playful image. The simplicity of the post and ease at which the brand finds relevance to talk about the national holiday (without the air of being forced) is what makes it so successful. Coca-Cola is a client of 360i.

6. Oscar Mayer’s Staggering Stat

Nine days later, 360i client Oscar Mayer (producer of bacon, hot dogs and other meat products), shared this astonishing statistic. This attention grabbing post, with its witty brand voice, rallies its community to the bacon-loving cause and compels them to share.

7. Seventh Generation’s Crafty Catamaran

In August, Seventh Generation shared this fun DIY project with parents using “upcycled” plastic bottles to create a bath time catamaran. The brand, and subsequently the page, has a clear sense of purpose – to help consumers lead a more sustainable and earth-friendly lifestyle. The post provided fans with utility and, as hundreds of comments would suggest, they appreciated the crafty idea.

8. Smirnoff Toasts NFL Replacement Refs

At the end of September, Smirnoff was quick off the mark when they shared this update in time with the NFL umpire dispute — a post that works on so many levels. The post went live just hours after a botched call led to the league and the referees to come to agreement and end the lock-out once and for all.

9. Hanes’ Social Tone of Voice

As America’s #1 brand of apparel in the U.S., 360i client Hanes identified the growing opportunity of Facebook to content and engage with its consumers, particularly women. To renew its approach, Hanes launched a new social tone of voice to carry across its digital properties and provide context to talk about their product lines. In keeping with the brand voice, their daily Facebook updates are bold and attractive — not to mention cheeky. This post is no exception.

10. Angry Birds Taps ‘Moment’ Meme

When Angry Birds released Angry Birds Star Wars in November, they shared this post on Facebook, captioned: “The moment you realize you’re a Star Wars character.” When brands attempt to generate awareness around a new product launch on Facebook (or any social channels), they often manifest themselves as an ad, chopped straight from the magazine campaign with maybe a few tweaks and/or a “like” or “share” thrown in. Yet this post is compelling. It ties into the brand’s social currency and leverages a topical social media meme (“That Awkward Moment”) to create a sharable post that went beyond the community, generating even more awareness for the brand’s newest product release.


11. Kraft Cheese’s All-American Statement

In November, the country watched with baited breath as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney went head to head in the 2012 presidential election. Dialing into the patriotic mood of the nation on this historical day, Kraft Cheese shared this slice of all-Americanism with fans.

12. GoPro’s Gorgeous Fan Photo

Popular camera-maker GoPro is well known for sharing adrenaline-pumping, inspiration-creating photography and video with its online communities, this post being a perfect example. Included in the brand’s “Photo of the Day” series, this post features user-generated content captured on the GoPro device. With 50K Likes and nearly 5,000 shares, who wouldn’t like this reminder of “Where I’d rather be?”

Which posts would you add to our list?