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360i on How to Brace for the Facebook Page Redesign

March 2, 2009

Even the Boss will have to make some adjustments to his Facebook fan page. Image by matthewsim via Flickr.

Are you ready for the Facebook facelift?

David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy at 360i, shares some important advice for marketers on AdAge’s Digital Next blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Facebook is planning to redesign its advertiser “Pages,” according to reports. And while the social network has yet to announce the changes publicly, many of the leaked changes will affect top page holders such as Barack Obama, Coca-Cola, Mr. Bean and any marketer with a Facebook page. Here are three of the biggest changes coming:

Pages will soon have tabs, making them resemble Facebook profiles.

What to do about it: Update the page’s main image with any key branding and messaging, adapt applications to fit the front of the page and upload multimedia content more often.

Information shared by pages will show up in Facebook users’ news feeds more often, presenting expanded opportunities to attract new fans.

What to do about it: Update the page regularly and keep pages fresh.

Since there will be multiple tabs, Facebook ads can set any tab as a landing page.

What to do about it: Set your landing page to the tab with the richest content. Test several pages to see which ads perform better.

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