Social Media

4 Keys to Breakthrough Visual Content in Social

October 19, 2012

Social media content used to be all about copy. Not anymore. More and more social media marketers are now aware of the fact that a text-only content calendar is not enough. What many of them have yet to understand however is how “visual” is not enough. Affixing a stock image or a screen grab from your recent TV commercial to a text post won’t help you break through the clutter, and definitely won’t create that spark of emotion that generates engagement and brand affinity.

Brands in social need to prove authenticity in a way that’s both personable and inspirational. How can a brand be polished enough to inspire, yet personal enough to bond? After much soul searching, the community management team at 360i finally came up with an answer to this difficult question.

Here are four tips for marketers when creating visual content in social media.

Make a statement.

Clean, visual statements leveraging a polished, branded esthetic break through the clutter in people’s newsfeeds and catch their attention. In the examples below from clients Kraft Cheese and Hanes, bold statements encourage sharability and interaction.

Currency counts.

Visually tap into the brand’s social currency by highlighting what they love. Below, clients Philadelphia Cream Cheese shares a drool-worthy photograph of angel food cake while Oscar Mayer uses visual content to tap into the community’s unwavering passion for bacon.

Be personable.

Create more personable lifestyle content instead of relying on stock photography. Your visual should not be a random supporting act, but should clearly communicate your message and currency. If you do use stock photography, tweak it to make it ownable to your brand. The below examples from Kraft Canada and Coca-Cola (both clients) utilize original photography.

Stylize with filters & fonts.

Add polish to relatable, personable images using filters and ownable fonts. Used correctly, they’ll immediately turn basic content into polished, yet personal imagery that’s perfect for a social community. The content below from Smirnoff US and Philadelphia Cream Cheese are stylized to match consumer content, yet still have a polished feel.

These tips are simple, but they’ll make a world of difference in helping you bridge brand image and social communities.